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    I’ve decided that our next British Civil War campaign shall be chronicled on TWW and as such, I thought a good place to lay down some background first.

    The Situation at the end of February 1938 South of the River

    After the failed attempt by the BUF to seize Canterbury in January, Kent and Sussex have forced a clean break with the Government in Westminister, declaring for the Opposition Parliament (which at this point was loitering in either Canterbury or Tunbridge Wells). The defection of the West Kent and the Buffs, soon followed by almost every Yeomanry and Auxilary army unit in the counties suddenly left London command without any troops South of Brixton. Street battles in Wandsworth, Streatham and Deptford accompanied the assaults into the east end by the BUF ,but in late January the tense situation came to a climax when a BUF force tasked with arresting various suspected street fighters in Clapham were fired upon from Clapham Junction station, where the Southern Railways Militia drove a fascist column into Vauxhall, before withdrawing down the rail lines to Wandsworth. The next week saw widespread attacks on the Trade Union and Church of England Militias, culminated in the Torching of the Southern Railway offices at Waterloo. The next day,Gilbert Savil Szlumper ( General Manager of Southern Rail) declared for the Anglican League.

    London Auxilary Infantry advance near Epsom

    By the early February, All armed opposition had been expelled from the County of London (a task that came with ease as the County of London Auxiliary Regiment fought their way through south Croydon). In the process, the raw railwaymen and drivers of the Southern Railway had become hardened regulars, succeeding in beating Government forces at Epsom, finally stabilising the front near London and allowing for the arrival of fresh units to seize the initiative. The West Kents also finally entered battle against their former “allies” easily able to reverse the advance of a BUF force twice their size north of Dorking. The Canterbury Flying Column, marching from their pursuit of Spodeforce from Canterbury, seized the village of Biggin Hill, locking down the airport and grinding down the Bromley BUF in an attritional battle over the airfield. In the meantime, new militias and units began to enter the fray.

    Reigate Militia, near Merstham 

    Thus, at the end of February, both sides look for Opportunities to break through

    The Anglican League led by Sir Charles Monarch (appointed C-in-C north Downs on February 18th) has established four objectives:

    -Prevent a Breakout at Sevenoaks

    -Hold the Redhill line, and extend the line east to Godstone

    -Hold Dorking

    -Keep Biggin Hill out of Action

    The Government forces have their own separate objectives: the BUF remain as equally suspicious of the government as the government is of them.

    The BUF commander has a vendetta against the Southern Railways (His cousin may or may not be involved with Great Western Railways) ,and wishes to see them wiped out.Taking Redhill and Dorking? An added extra. Furthermore, the lockdown of Biggin Hill airport by Anglican Artillery prevents the operation of the German aircraft he had personally shipped over, so their removal is also a priority.

    The Royalist commanders are beginning to feel the pinch: resources and manpower are being shifted northwards, and regular army troops are not likely to hang around for long. Without many men or much ammunition, the chances of pushing beyond Reigate are slim. However, if a firm line can be established from Dorking to Sevenoaks and fortified, then the Anglican forces there might be locked down: perhaps permanently.


    Next time: the forces, from the Southern Rail Militia to the Dulwich College OCTU


    To model the effect of Nuclear weapons on the wargaming table, apply jerry can of fuel to board, light match and stand well back.

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    Top man. Looking forward to seeing the models.

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    Seems I live in a war zone!

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    I don’t play AVBCW but I have always found it interesting.  I look forward to reading your future reports here.  Do keep them coming.


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