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    Maff Sparkes

    Former imperial newscaster Huw Solo and his crew are in dire need of credits to keep the “Millenium Corsa” running. So the job to recover the hard drives from the DSS Kyobashi, currently drifting off the asteroid belt is too good to turn down. The job is of course contested – by a savage team from the infamous Black Orbit cartel.

    A nasty little shootout ensued with goons Tatoo Boris and DZ putting down both of the cartel aces with the opening shots. Mr Zog and K Bianka each dropped another while Huw backshot another, the remaining two went from rattled to bottling in record time. It was close though as at one point both Boris and Addfgvvgvggh the Incomprehinsible Alien were so pinned down they couldn’t move.

    So, credits and a grav belt ahoy, with promotion for Boris and DZ; Dfffyfvggbg the Alien is reduced to ships bottle washer.


    Huw Solo – hero with lots of friends (not in the govt), a hacked ID card and a “negotiator” device

    K Bianca – ace, quick reflexes, VRF gauss pistol and a hacked credit card

    Mr Zog, bodyguard, sniper, M8 plasma rifle. This Bothan is NOT gonna be one of THOSE Bothans

    Tattoo’d Boris – now a bruiser, petty crim, lock picks

    DZ – bruiser, ex military, has a maroon T Shirt and um….attitude

    Affggghbyyybbjh the Alien with, yes, an alien artefact.

    Next time I’ll work out how to get pictures onto this from the iPad….




    Pictures will help. Sounds like it all went down pretty fast though. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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