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    I was invited to this forum as a drama-free, supportive alternative to what a lot of people refer to as “that other site.” I don’t make it over here every day, sometimes I even skip a week. And I don’t always follow up on my own topics.


    One of the main reasons I started visiting this website is because it is the new permanent home of Ivan Sorensen, who I greatly respect and feel I have a bit of an online friendship with. So, imagine my horror when I revisited one of my topics http://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/a-change-of-direction/ and found both Ivan and myself being judged five ways to Sunday. I can get this kind pf treatment at the other site, as well as faster, more numerous responses when I have hobby-related questions.


    So I’ll still be by to check up on Ivan every so often, but I can ask him questions more easily by e-mail so I will stick with that from now on.


    I’m done with the rest of it all.



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    Your prerogative, certainly.

    The discussion in question was something I did not choose to participate in. I can certainly see that being ” named” would be distasteful.

    However, I think said thread was an aberration. It is hard to find any threads here that are not collegial and supportive ( there are a couple of others: which is not bad going for a thriving web forum).

    My opinion is that we have something good going on here and you should be a part of it.




    I hope you saw that on that topic the actions of some were not appreciated and Ivan closed the topic to prevent further unpleasantness.
    Please don’t let one action of one person sour your experience here.

    Drop me an e-mail if you want to chat.

    Guy Farrish


    I confess I was surprised at the reaction of some people to what was obviously a heartfelt response on your part to learning something from your gaming.

    I think your reaction to the real life history of what your squad would have been engaged in was exactly the response a normal morally aware world citizen would have.

    I think there are discussions to be had around how we reconcile games about death, and for that reason I am sad it it was closed down.

    Sorry to see you planning on not being here. Can I just say I think you will be missing a lot? I think you would find that the vast majority of the site is drama free and would welcome you without any judgmental issues at all. I would urge you to give Mike and the rest of us another chance – he runs a very fair and tight ship here and the vast majority of discussions are without the ad hominem reactions you unfortunately encountered.

    Best wishes for your gaming, whatever your decision.


    General Slade


    I’d just like to second what Guy said.  I hope you change your mind and decide to stick around.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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