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    malc johnston

    Victorian Steel wargame scenarios African wars

    Victorian Steel are pleased to make available a free PDF featuring three scenarios for the Indian Mutiny, complete with maps, army lists and some great colour photos of the battles taken at the Victorian Outpost Grimsby.

    screen shot pc

    The next scenario PDF will be the China wars 1839-1901, mainly dealing with the Boxers, which will be available some time next week.

    The Victorian Outpost is a new building created at the beginning of 2016, we can cater for almost any period and we now have the support of “Adrians Walls” and “Hovels Buildings” who have come on board.

    Victorian Outpost has quickly become the number one wargaming place in Grimsby with its friendly welcome and fun place to visit, please pm myself to arrange a set time and date.

    More photos on the website at http://www.victorian-steel.com/
    Thanks Malc


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