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    Nathaniel Weber

    Hello all, this is a link to a PDF of the set of Vietnam small unit combat rules that I use when I want to play squad to platoon sized actions. I find that I constantly tweak and modify them while playing and figured they’ll be the sort of homerules that will never truly be done and always a bit too loose in their design (and too inspired by the other great rules sets I’ve played over the years!) to warrant them being a paid product.

    In the Weeds: Rules for Small Unit Actions in Vietnam (updated 5 Jan 2020)

    What I’ve uploaded are the basic infantry rules, which assume the players are using Americans, PAVN, or NLF main force troops, circa ’65 to ’69. I’ll add rules to accommodate other troops and of course vehicles later, as I go. (The vehicle rules are in my head but not written down coherently yet.) I’ll add them later and post a link here.

    Feel free to use these rules—I think they make for fun, tense games, but then of course I’d think that! If you have any questions about them, post here.

    I use similar rules, In the Ruins, for my WWII games, which I’ll post later too.

    Tell me if the link is bad.

    Just Jack

    Thanks, Nate, I appreciate it, very kind of you to share.  I look forward to carving out some time to dive into them.

    I’m actually playing out a Vietnam-era skirmish campaign right now, getting ready to post the first batrep.

    And the link works fine for me.



    Nathaniel Weber

    Glad it worked! Looking forward to your game reports.

    Darkest Star Games

    Nice job dude!

    Get thee to Fields Of Fire VN gaming forum and let them peoples know!!!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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