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    Graham Harrison

    I’ve played a couple of games of Sword and Spear, but they were a while ago with too long between games to remember how the rules work. So Colin is organising a couple of games for me to pick up the rules and the first one was at the last Tring meeting with his 9th century armies. I commanded the Saxons against his ferocious Vikings.
    An AAR with more photos on the blog http://tringwargames.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/vikings-and-saxons-with-sword-and-spear.html

    Guy Farrish

    I like Sword and Spear. I wasn’t looking for another Ancient set when a friend was persuaded by Stuart at Firestorm Games in Newport to buy a set but like a sheep I followed and bought a set as well.  Since then we have played quite a few games with them – mostly Roman Empire  in 6mm: EIR v Brits and Sassanids v Later Eastern Roman Empire. I’ve played a few games solo as well – mostly to get a feel for the rules. It gives a nice game but looks not much like my idea of an Ancient battle – but then most rules don’t.

    I find the draw of dice from the bag and allocation a bit ‘tricksy’ but it works quite nicely as a solo mechanism.

    I also find the ‘no two unit can ever line up exactly’ thing a bit weird. I know why it says that – neatly explained in the rules and the online videos etc but still I always find the ‘conforming’ and swivelling about in module based rules odd – I know it isn’t trying to model this but all the two step and formation dancing when units meet just looks weird to me, whether it is in these rules or DBA variants or Impetus – the sliding and gliding seems out of place . Contact and fight as you are seems best, but that’s me.

    One major irritation is the error in the movement chart in the 2nd Edition – Cavalry and Camels movement is listed as 2, 1,-1 for open rough and difficult terrain. It should be 4,2,1 – otherwise cavalry is slower in the open than foot! There is a correction on the website tucked away – its not easy to find: It’s on the QRS Download sheet and Mark says Great Escape Games ‘will’ produce an errata sheet highlighting this – I can’t find it on the GEG site, and that note in the Polkovnik forum was two years ago – that is bad from GEG I am afraid, which is a shame as it is quite a nice set of rules Mark has produced.


    Looks like you enjoyed them (as do I) – and you didn’t use cavalry so weren’t affected by truculent horse (or camels!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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