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    With Covid making face to face gaming impossible in large swathes of the world right now, some of us have been quietly cheating on our long term relationships with Vallejo, Army Painter and The Temple of The Shameful Lead Pile by playing some games online using (shhhh!) “virtual” Ancients figures on a system called Tabletop Simulator..  and wherever there are games, there are people conjuring up battle reports !

    As with all things ‘online’, things quickly get weird, and we are already at the stage of seeing a double-handed battle report in which I play the prodigious ADLG blogger Philip Gardocki, with both of us creating our own unique reports – one as a (speeded up to run in about 20 minutes) video, one traditional blog format – looking at the same game from two different perspectives.

    The reports are hopefully not “too” rules specific so if you don’t know the system they should still be followable, here are a few pictures of real 15mm figures intercut throughout the video, and, even more internet-navel-gazingly, after reading/watching both reports there is also a third, ‘in the studio’ video in which we go through both reports and discuss how the battle played out together.

    The end result is that you can now relive the same virtual tabletop battle three times …if you are so inclined/are running out of Netflix series to watch in lockdown..!

    The Original Battle Video Run-through on YouTube from Madaxeman : https://youtu.be/SZ6tzNkwEe4
    The Original Battle report on Phils Blog : https://philonancients.blogspot.com/2020/11/a-pyre-of-pyrrhics.html
    The Post match “talking heads in the studio” analysis video on YouTube : https://youtu.be/dSOqvbV9ggc

    see more of this rubbish at www.madaxeman.com

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