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    Avatar photoNorm S

    As always, a great visit, nice tables, nice traders, just nice everything. Some photo’s are up on the blog if interested.




    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Thanks for that Norm, lovely set of games and scales/sizes.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I’ve a few pics if Norm does not mind me adding them here.

    Way too noisy for me and TBH I wished I did not go (slept lousy last night) despite really enjoying the solitary game I played ๐Ÿ™

    Folk where spending – some traders had lots of gaps by lunch and the general height of ‘piles’ where reduced by my second walk around. Reminds me of the old Lidl stock displays! Maybe too much choice now???

    So the few pics I took:

    All in the one hall (pic from one side by the butty shop) ย – panos fail due to people moving:

    View of the hall


    The first reason for going was the Mark Copplestone [Marks Links] Little Soldiers game (but he was too busy to talk to and I did not push myself forward grrrr):

    Table with squares and toy style figures

    Board including flat mountains

    Yes – they are ‘flat’ mountains – neat idea for troops in reserve / still to cross

    I did sneak a look at the rules – still WIP going by the scribbles but the board was great and I think I could make a smaller one. Archived ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mark Blackhouse was holding a roaring game of Strength and Honour – must hold the record for the largest number of figures on a table at once – 2mm obviously ๐Ÿ™‚

    2mm figures on fields with river in foreground

    The players where really enjoying (or hating) the game going by the groans and cheers – watched one poor gent roll a two and a one when he needed anything but a two followed by a one. Obviously went to the same school of dice throwing as myself…

    Final one is a snap from my game of ‘Turkey Hunt’. The guys from Big on Strategy ran this at Hammerhead but it was always full so I made a beeline for it (the second reason) and got a game.

    AWI scout being attacked by bear in the woods

    Yes – that’s my figure just being eaten by the bear (OK I now know what bears do in the woods). Out of the five fine, upstanding, honourable and brave English scouts I had, one was killed by a wolf, one was killed by a bear and three shot by my opponent. I killed one bear and one dastardly Frenchie (he shot first and was after my commanders tea) and neither of us got the bird… Laughs all round (esp when the skunks appear) and I highly recommend the game – its loosely based on the One Hour Skirmish rule set [Amazon UK link sorry] with 3D printed figures (humans about 54mm).

    I’m sure the decks where loaded with extra jokers – both of us pulled them way to regularly despite shuffling the packs!

    Total hall was some rivers, undead goblins and dwarves (why am I adding to my collection not getting rid again? Struck between the eyes by ‘Oh Shiny’ syndrome) and some trees for the Palaeo games.

    Final giggle – the bacon butties came in wholemeal bread buns. Closest to healthy food I’ve ever seen in the canteen!

    Bacon butty, mushroom and tomato sauce

    Avatar photowillz

    Thank you norm and Andrew for the photos it is very much appreciated.

    I must make this show, hmm maybe the one later in the year.

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