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    Hi, I’m looking for 2nd Generation 15mm Minifigs SYW figures as part of a rediscovered project to produce a Hanoverian army.  I’m looking for the following figure types:

    Line infantry – Austrian line infantry advancing

    Grenadiers –  British grenadiers marching or Prussian grenadiers advancing

    Artillery –  Austrian gunners

    Line cavalry – Austrian dragoons (hats, not bearskins), British mounted grenadiers

    The figures need to be 2nd Generation, which are individual figures with normal anatomical proportions – especially the horse – and conservative poses (1st Generation were the original strips, 3rd Generation are the current range with the more extravagant poses and “wild dog” horses).  Any quantity considered, would prefer unpainted since they are all going in the Dettol bath – so please don’t offer me your “pride and joy” collection!

    Many thanks,


    ps: Also looking for 2nd Gen Renaissance (1500-1600), TYW and ECW figures, too – again, any types or numbers.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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