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    Howard Whitehouse

    In the early ’70s , for a brief period, the Almark Publishing Company was apparently everywhere. There was a magazine, ‘Modelworld’, a series of high quality books on uniforms, and even a couple of sets of hard plastic WII figures.

    Then the company vanished. Modelworld folded suddenly.

    Does anyone know what happened to Almark, and whether anyone has the rights to the books?


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    What a strange coincidence:I was just thinking the same thing!

    In my case it was brought about after sorting my collection of Almark Napoleonic books ready for listing on eBay.

    Hope someone here can help.

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    John D Salt

    What an interesting question. I hope someone can provide a better answer than I have been able to find.

    Almark Publishing Co. Ltd
    Company number 00992307
    Incorporated 21 Oct 1970
    Dissolved 12 Sep 1995

    Registered Address:
    49 Little Bookham Street
    Little Bookham
    Surrey KT23 2AA

    This is all much less useful than you might think, as companies house do not have electronic records going back that far, and getting more detail would require access to their archives. I am quite surprised the date of dissolution is so late; as far as I can make out Almark published nothing after 1979, and as I was working in France at the time I evidently failed to notice their disappearance.

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    I guess you could try and contact any authors who are still alive to see if they know anything about the directors ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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