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    A quest exclusive game. Tales from the Galaxy’s edge put you in the shoes of a humble droid mechanic. Who manages to antagonize a crime syndicate. You are on a backwater planet, trying to find the cargo you had to dump when you did the said antagonizeing. On your journey you meet R2D2 and 3CPO.

    The game is a mini open world game,  just a few locations,  and most of the game is just you fighting syndicate thugs and droid.

    Fun part is that it’s VR, so you actually get to wield blasters in your own hands. You have a burst plaster pistol, a blaster rifle, blaster scatter gun, but most importantly you have hand solos blasters.

    The concept is this, each weapon has a set number of shots, you can’t reload them. Some overheat, and you can release the heat to fire or wait for them to cool down. But once the shots are out they are out, no way to reload. You can carry to guns,  but you can also use one in each hand. So I usually carry one in each hand and one on each hip. You also have a multi tool to open boxes and doors, fix droids.

    I really like the Solo blasters,  but they are the “Magnums” in the game only 6 shots, but does the most damage per shot also seems like the most accurate. Can take down regular enemies in one shot.

    It’s a fun game, apparently only 3-4 hours long.  But it’s so fun firing blasters with your own hands. Ducking behind cover. Throwing thermal detonators (badly)

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