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    Avatar photoBrendan Morrissey

    Hi,  Very interested in hearing from anyone who has 2nd Generation Minifigs, 15mm Renaissance (especially cavalry) and ECW/TYW.  I would also be very interested in Late Mediaeval/WotR figures, especially billmen and archers.  In terms of the Renaissance ranges, I am particularly looking for Border Horse/light horsemen (especially figures in morion helmets, wearing cloaks and with what looks like a bow or xbow slung across their back).

    These MUST be 2nd Generation, please – those were the first individual figures that replaced the strips c.1977, but were themselves replaced by the current ranges around 1985.  The old strip figures (1st Gen) are distinguished by their smaller, chunkier bases; the current ranges by the greater animation in both men and horses.  The 2nd Gen are slightly larger than the 1st Gen figures, and slightly smaller than the current figures, but overall are much nicer/more relaxed poses; the 2nd Gen horses particularly are lovely, good poses and anatomy, usually walking, with the riders either having shouldered swords, or swords resting down by the right leg.

    I am primarily looking for unpainted/poor paint jobs, as I strip down and repaint, and also “re-pike/lance” with brass wire.  However, if the right figures are included I may be interested in nicely painted collections.

    Thanks, Brendan

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