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    Looking for 28mm figures to create a more varied range of platoons/zugs/pelotons suitable for the Western Front 1916-1918 (ie helmets, not SD caps/kepis/pickelhaube).  UK based.


    1) British, German or French – NOT American (don’t fit my timeline).

    2) Infantry, especially Highlanders, and cavalry with lances – NOT supports/specialists, gunners or tank crews (already got plenty of those).

    3) Great War Miniatures preferred, will accept Brigade/Renegade/Woodbine/Scarab – but definitely NOT Old Glory or 1st Corps (too small/poorly sculpted).

    4) Prefer unpainted/prepped (ie cleaned and primed/undercoated); will accept low-quality painted, but be aware (a) my budget is limited so no premium prices, and (b) they will most likely go straight in the Dettol bath and be re-based (de-based?), so do NOT try to sell me your pride and joy (stick them on eBay if you want to get the best value!).

    I normally offer half current retail price for unpainted figures, depending on lot size (ie slightly less if masses, slightly more if small, but perfectly formed – eg Highland section/platoon).

    Many thanks.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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