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    I’m having one of those days when it feels like the Powers That Be don’t want me to be in this hobby.

    There’s a specific type of plastic plant I’ve been meaning to buy a pack of for ages, to satisfy a minor obsession I have with terrain-making. It’s been ubiquitous on the wargaming and scale modelling markets for at least a decade (even GW used to sell it), but now suddenly I can’t find it anywhere. It’s this type:

    (The photo is from HERE, good blog post, not mine.)

    A lot of hobbyists seem to have bought these in bulk, so I’m hoping someone has a surplus that I could buy off them. I know they come in different colours; I’ll buy any colour (I’d be painting them anyway). They might come in different sizes/scales; I’ll buy any size, and multiple sizes if possible. If there are variations of the product that look slightly different from the one in the photo, that’s fine by me as long as it’s the same general kind of small, jagged-leaf plant.

    I am prepared to buy dozens of them if they’re available, but I’ll take any small number I can get. As for price, maybe around £1 for every 3 plants, plus postage? I’m in Sweden.

    I might be eager to buy other types of plastic plants at the same time as well, depending on what type they are.

    If all this sounds like a silly thing to be asking for, well, we all have our respective obsessions in this hobby. Mine include building terrain and modelling vegetation 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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