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    James Rivera

    Warband Fantasy Rules from Pendraken Miniatures.

    Just ran across this while looking at their Blitzkrieg Commander IV rules.  Has anyone here played these Fantasy rules?   Are they based on the old Warmaster rules like their “Commander” series?  I’m wondering what they’re like and what new goodies they may add to an old rules junkie.

    Thanks for any info you can offer.



    ian pillay


    Not played them in a long while. They aren’t part of the commander/ warmaster family of rules.

    Rules are pretty solid.

    For me the only limiting factor that I found was the army building rules and lists. All are very similar and when constrained to 500pts some careful  decisions have to be taken to get a good force. Typically an army is 8 bases with each being 100×40 mm in size.

    i will dig out my Minator army to show the size.


    Tim Snoddy

    Yes I have played them twice and to be honest, thought they were awful.  The second game was to confirm I had not missed something vital in the first play.  Charging gave a 50-100% advantage in most fights.  If you lost a combat you had to yield ground which gave your opponent a chance to charge you again.  To me it was just a game of who could manage to charge first because there was no defence against it.  Combined with the limited army building as described above and really slow movement rates definitely one to avoid IMHO.

    James Rivera

    Weak army building rules don’t bother me much, I tend to follow my own ideas in that area.  As an aside, of all the army building rules I’ve run across, I have to say the FoG (Fields of Glory) supplements were probably my favorite as written.  Similarly, while the 8 bases thing seems a bit limited to me, it can be worked around with more points per side I suppose.

    Unbalanced charging would be a deal breaker for me I’m afraid.  Thanks Tim, I think you’ve saved me a few bucks with that piece of info.  I know the impetus of a charge is a difficult thing for rules to get right, but there have definitely been some that get close to what I think is the right effect.  In particular I like the slightly higher Clash value from Hail Caesar as a little extra boast on the first run in.

    Much appreciate info guys!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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