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    Hi all,
    Thoughts, impressions and plenty of pictures from Warfare 2016 show at Reading this weekend.

    If you want to know more then just follow the link to JJ’s




    Steve Johnson

    Thanks for some lovely pics of the show and for your overall impressions. In fact my wargaming chums and myself have given up on attending this show for the following reasons:

    – Parking is a nightmare. We attended 3 years in a row and struggled to find a place to park, even when putting on a demo game and arriving damned early in the morning and on a Sunday.
    – The hall with the traders in was so packed we struggled to move, talk less of seeing what’s on offer at the various trade stands. Not good for us or the traders.
    – Getting there from Bristol is a bit of a pain compared to Colours at Newbury.

    Now I have helped put on shows and so can appreciate all of the hard work that the chaps do for Warfare, but I think it is time to look for a better venue, if at all possible.


    Hi Steve,
    I’ve just posted a response to your comment on the blog.

    I must admit I am forced to agree which is a shame given how much we enjoyed wondering around in the afternoon once the crowds had shrunk.
    I reckon affordable easy access venues are at a premium in the Reading and London area so might explain why nothing has changed in the last few years, as we to have also been up on the three previous occasions.

    Lets hope things improve going forward


    Steve Johnson

    “I reckon affordable easy access venues are at a premium”

    I’m sure the same would be true for Bristol. Funnily my good chum and gaming friend and I were discussing Warfare yesterday and these same reasons came up. Aside from Colours, we really no longer feel the need to attend shows these days. Why? Well a few points below:

    – When I first started going to shows, which was probably 10 years ago, there used to be good show discounts of between 10% – 20% from the traders. These days I can’t think of when I last saw any. This may be due to the fact that I game almost exclusively in 10mm and so may miss offers from other scales/manufacturers.
    – With the advent of most companies now having an excellent online presence, I can buy everything I need with minimal P&P. Looking at my yearly purchases, this is cheaper then the cost of attending a show when you factor in petrol, parking and entry fees.
    – With so many excellent Blogs and online reviews now, I can ‘see’ new games, rulesets etc from the comfort of my home, whereas before I could really only see them at shows.
    – Not all of the companies now attend the shows due to the costs involved. So some offer 10%-15% on online orders instead.

    Despite the above my chums and I still attend shows, though not as many as 10 years ago. We still enjoy meeting up with friends etc, seeing some of the demo games but the urge is certainly less than before. Maybe we simply have less time than before now that our kids are older and the demands of family are greater?

    I’d be interested to hear from others as to why, or why you don’t, attend shows. There have been a few articles in WS&S this year with regards to shows and their long term viability.


    Cheers for your post JJ, as I said on your forum very much appreciated thanks for posting.

    Yes sadly parking is the curse of wargamers attending shows, but its a balance I suppose a venue with tons of parking  would be more expensive.  Plymouth wargame show is held at a sports centre and has the same problem for traders and punters, I just get there at 0730.  Though for some I appericate  this is not possible.  Maybe we should get on to our local government and national government representatives and badger them to set up parking friendly venues for hobby events nationwide.

    I agree with Steve’s comments about traders and internet, though I do attend shows as I like the buzz. chat and sometimes you just need to touch the items (its a wargame thing).  I attend PAW, Bovington, Reveille and or an other, its a trade off on the internet there is a huge choice flea-bay, good internet traders and lots of good blogs / forums to feed the wargamers habit of buying stuff.  I am never disappointed attending wargame shows, I know we have to factor in the cost of travel, entrance and food but normally I visit a show for 6 hours so I consider the cost money well spent.

    An example, attending Reveille at Lincombe barn Plymouth to Bristol about 120 miles, petrol about £22, entrance £3 – 4, bacon butty £3.  Yes that is a lot of money that could be spent on postage, however its not a lot for a day out.  How much does it cost for 2 hours at a football match or the theatre or cinema?  All in all I think attending wargame shows are good value for money.


    Thanks for posting the pics- haven’t been in 11 years now but it was my end of splurge show then……..parking was always a b###h then too…that and the weather!

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