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    I’m sure all the Cool Kids know about these but the concept has only recently been brought to my attention.

    Evidently, several companies, for a small emolument, send a box of random miniature wargames’ “stuff” on a regular basis.


    They can include various figures of several scales & periods, sample paint pots, bits of scenery, rules, flock, etc etc..

    All seems too random for my tastes. Your view….& does anyone subscribe to such?






    Not a fan of the concept.
    I have limited disposable cash and am not keen to gamble it away on getting some random stuff.
    I would rather know what I am getting for my money.

    Mike Headden

    Don’t see the attraction of getting random junk in the post but presumably it appeals to some people.

    Now, if someone set up a scheme to BUY figures from me on a monthly basis I’d be in! 🙂

    Send me £23.99 a month and I’ll send you an unspecified selection of miniatures 😀

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    Tony Hughes

    Not for me, like Mike, I want to choose what I’m getting.




    No thank you. My gaming interests are fairly narrow and not very main stream. Seems like a lot of money for the few paint brushes that I might actually use.

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    Ivan Sorensen

    I like the idea because if nothing else, any figure can pop up in a Doctor Who scenario 🙂

    I’m not subscribed to anything currently though, since I’ve been trying to cut back some of our discretionary spending.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    They are pretty popular  – I have been selling a LOT of paint to three of the big ones in the UK…


    Black Hat Miniatures -

    Ivan Sorensen

    Actually, now that I think about it, I know a lot of people who’d enjoy paying the odd figure of a given range, but has no interest in painting an entire army’s worth.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I’m going to pass on that as well.

    Russell Phillips

    I’m not a cool kid so I didn’t know about it 🙂 I know some cool kids, though, so I’ve seen similar things for other hobbies.

    I wargame a limited number of periods and scales, and the details are too vague for me – “a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy or historic models and accessories”. I assume the benefit is that what you get would cost significantly more if you bought them normally.

    I quite like the idea of getting random surprises in the post, but not enough to real money on it. These things always seem to cost upwards of £20/month, though, which is way too much for me to spend on the possibility of maybe getting something I’d like.

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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