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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    I was wondering which rules people have used, or might use, for wargaming these actions? Most seem to be battalion-plus sized on each side, primarily infantry with some support elements.

    Avatar photoPaint it Pink

    I’d would think that the obvious choice would be Chain of Command.

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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    For platoon battles maybe, but not for the whole of Goose Green or Mount Harriet?

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Cold War Commander has lists for the Falklands Campaign (not sure if available for CWCII yet), so easily achievable on a smallish table IMHO.

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Thanks Steve, will look

    Avatar photoshelldrake

    I have wanted to wargame the Falklands war for a long time, and will most likely play platoon level games with each section represented.

    As for rules, I will probably convert a set of rules I already have to suit.

    I seem to remember I have a supplement for Harpoon / Command decision around somewhere that listed the forces needed.

    Sally 4th also have a free supplement for the Combat Patrol rules on their web site, which have been tempting me for a while: https://wargamesbuildings.co.uk/product/combat-patrol-falklands-war-supplement/

    Avatar photoNorm S

    From memory, I think this  vlogger might be a vet



    Avatar photoTony S

    The Toofatlardies have a couple of Specials that adapt Chain of Command and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum for the Falklands conflict.



    If memory serves, “We’ll Have to Bloody Walk” IABSM modification was quite interesting.  Never tried it, but I remember thinking it looked very interesting.  (Mind you, most wargaming articles have that effect on me).

    Avatar photoMartinR

    This is the sort of level Command Decision is perfect for. You’d have to work up some unit stats.

    Crossfire would work up to battalion, but you’d need to play around with the terrain model a bit so there was enough cover. I guess there was a reason there were so many night battles.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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