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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Warhammer World.

    Photos of some of the things from the exhibition hall.

    For me, not that interesting as my association with all things GW ended long before almost all of these models were made and back when the worlds of warhammer were quite different.

    I was in all honesty hoping for more of the older things.
    (80s and 90s)

    I did buy a leather Bugmans tankard though, so not all bad!!


    Free to use Gaming Hall

    Some guy had a teeshirt with the word FUCK on it, I am surprised he was allowed in given that children were also allowed in.

    Random Images from the Exhibition Hall:

    Did like the giant grabbing the Dragon/Wyvern by the throat.

    My Favourite as it is / was WFB.

    This 40k thing was huge, alas the lighting kept changing so it was hard to get a proper look to see how good it was:

    There were shed tonnes of other dioramas and a butt load of units on display.

    I think that if you are all about GW now, then it would be an amazing place to visit.
    For some old miserable git like me that prefers GW of olde, then probably not so much of interest.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    Nice pictures!

    Do they still have the WETA created, life sized, uruk hai?

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    Avatar photoMike

    Yes, just inside the foyer area.


    Avatar photowillz

    Cool photos Mike, sold most of my 40k and warhammer stuff but still strangely drawn to GW products.  Must be a Pavlovs dog thing😁.

    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    I have never actually played Warhammer but I have heard Bob Mortimer discussing it with football manager Roy Hodgson.  Liberal use of the F and C words so don’t click on the link if you are a child or are at work or are a child at work:

    Avatar photominiaturemen

    That was hilarious, thankyou for starting my Sunday with a laugh

    Avatar photodeephorse

    Because I was weaned off football in 1975 I’m afraid that I didn’t find that amusing at all.  Apart from the spelling variations of Warhammer that is.  I just don’t know who any of those football people are, or were.

    My loss, I know.  Or maybe not.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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