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    Alexander Wasberg

    Since Ivan of NWG kindly tipped me off to the fact that there would be a Post-apoc FiveCore a while back, I got to picking out and painting a few models for this project:



    There’s a full set of close-ups of the rest of the models on the blog:


    Thanks for looking!

    Angel Barracks

    Yeah man, good taste in figures!


    I must confess a liking for PA stuff, which is why Stone Haven was born..

    I will be bringing out some more PA inspired models soon..
    They will be part of my Limited Edition Range, so if you have any requests, let me know..

    Northern Monkey

    As ever, great stuff!!

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Alexander Wasberg

    @AB: You have some of the nicest 6mm minis around, so of course the need to see more use!

    I did always get a PA-vibe from stonehaven, now I know why I suppose 😉

    I do have a request if you are creating a few PA inspired models; I’d love to see more metro/stalker-like characters, greatcoats or cloaks with respirators/gas masks and whatever weapons they managed to salvage. Maybe you could call them “stonehaven defenders”. If you were to make both civvies and armed models, like with the junkers, I sure wouldn’t mind that either! 😉


    @NM: Thank you!

    Angel Barracks

    I was pondering a generic militia, but not as you described for SH.
    However, I may do a Sherriff style figure and deputy, which would of course be wearing a great coat.
    They can go in my Limited Edition range, along with the Adventurer/Explorer I have knocking around.

    I am thinking, great coat, eye goggles and one of those domed like hats, almost like a drawing pin/thumb tack.
    Probably a rifle as main weapon.
    Anyway, thread hijack over…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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