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    Alan Hamilton

    My Division holds Hougoumont still though it is on fire.  We have stopped the French in the woods but have lost the wall (deliberately) to create a kill zone.  Our right flank is driving back the rest of Jerome’s Corps – further out the Dutch are holding (just) against a French cavalry attack.  Our left Flank has repelled d’Erlon and I have my Brunswick and Hanover Brigades  going in because of a language problem, Gerhardt is from Germany and his English is as bad as my German.  So he attacked with everything against a French Division supported by artillery and cavalry and … massacred the guns, helping to halt d’Erlon’s Corps in a splendid killing zone.  Now poised to deal with the cavalry and support Hougoumont!

    In the news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-48639233/mini-armies-gather-for-massive-waterloo-war-game

    Our set up


    Maitland's Brigade

    Withdrawing to create a Kill Zone

    Kill zone established (view from French side} – French do not advance and lose the initiative

    our right flank brigade repels Reille’s Flanking Division. further out the Dutch hold (just) a massive French Cavalry attack (all the heavies seem to be there!)

    On my left the rest of the Corps hold D’Erlon’s Corps while the Rampaging Brunswickers and Hanovarians hammer them.  Just in front of where the leading blue flag is is the location of a French battery destroyed by the Jaegers who charged home despite taking close range fire.  In the bottom picture his second Brigade gets ready to assault Reille’s Corps

    Looking forward to Day 2 of this battle – 22,000 model soldiers!

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    Deleted User

    Now this is why I love Napoleonics. Well done Alan & co.



    Alan Hamilton

    Thanks Donald – we are raising money for charity http://www.waterlooreplayed.com/

    The game – 100 players, plus support staff plus re-enactors and volunteers.

    4 very long tables  – the 3 northern tables

    Looking North

    The three southern tables

    southern tables

    Looking north

    Deleted User

    Alan, this is one of those events you’d give an arm to be able to participate in.

    I trust a small fortune was raised.




    Excellent post, thanks for sharing.


    Alan Hamilton

    Day 2 was a fantastic spectacle – 22,600 figures (less 3,500 casualties from Day 1 Isuppose), 100 wargamers, 4 huge tables, teams of umpires, volunteers, “media” (students doing reports on social media).
    I commanded the British 1st Division (the Guards Brigades of Byng and Maitland and the Hougoumont Garrison) and later a brigade from 2nd Div including the HLI “The Glasgow Highlanders) and two Brigades of Brunswick and Hanovarian infantry with a small cavalry force.

    We held Hougoumont against overwhelming odds of Jerome’s Divisions that assaulted it then destroyed them in the garden.

    On our right the remainder of Jerome’s Corps was pushed back to their start positions. Even further to our right the French attempt to outflank us with several divisions of cavalry was halted and the repulsed by our Dutch Allies.

    Then we assisted in the complete destruction of Rielle’s Corps allowing 2nd Division to flank the Imperial Guard.

    While that was going on, with our Brunswick and Hanovarian allies and Maitland’s Guards Brigade (supported by the HLI) attacked towards La Belle Alliance forcing back the Imperial Guard Heavy Cavalry and a Line Infantry Brigade.

    while the 7th Hussars and the Dutch Light Cavalry almost reached Napoleon forcing the Old Guard to come his rescue. The road back to Paris was cut.

    Napoleon forced into the cover of the Old Guard as the rampaging 1st Division closes in.

    Major General Cooke with his forward troops heading for La Belle Alliance for a well deserved bottle of Napoleon Brandy.

    A brilliantly run weekend game.  Thanks to all who organised, attended and supported the event.

    Deleted User

    My congratulations to the organisers. Amazing.


    The Napoleonic Wargaming channel has some videos posted:





    Alan Hamilton

    And now a nice video too



    Now that is a bit of alright, that is.

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