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    Avatar photoCosmotiger

    I’m painting some 6mm sci fi stuff. Mecha right now, with infantry and vehicles to follow.

    This is something I haven’t done much of, so I’m developing a process and painting style as I go along.  Some of my web searches turned up this guy, who does quie extensive weathering on his Battletech mechs:



    As I’ve been painting, I’ve felt the urge to use some of these techniques to add interest to flat or uninteresting looking parts of my mech models.  However, I also think it ruins the sense of scale.  I find myself wondering how those 20-foot long scrapes got up there.  It’s like the “looks cool” and “makes no sense” parts of my brain are at war with each other.





    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Could be hail?
    Small arms that just bounced off?
    Bashing into the mech hangar/trees/buildings?
    Fell down and bashed itself?

    I always like mud and cack and oil and so on to dirty up my stuff:


    Avatar photoCosmotiger

    Mud and cack is good, I agree. Where I’m not so sure is taking chipping and weathering effects that look good on a 28mm Space Marine, and porting them directly to a 6mm mech.

    What it finally comes down to is experimenting with some models and finding a technique that I like and that I think looks right. (Or at least as “realistic” as a 60 foot tall robot gets) .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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