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    Avatar photoMike

    This is the forum for posting about Generals.
    Naaah, not really!

    Though if you really want to you could I guess.
    This is for posting about gaming related things that don’t seem to be a good fit in other categories, maybe talk about paints, basing, WIPs, what rules are good for X and so on…


    Also, why not introduce yourself and tick the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” , that way when someone joins and posts in here you will get an e-mail, and you can come and see who has joined, it may be one of your friends!

    Avatar photoOlaf Meys

    Well, I’ll have a bash.

    I’m Olaf (Mainly28s), and have been a wargamer for too long to remember. I’ve done the odd bit of modelling for various companies (e.g. Bolt Action before they were sold to Warlord), did a bit of pro painting many years ago, and have credits in several wargames rules.

    I’ve also done a fair bit of proofreading for some authors, and run a little wargames site- Mainly 28s (http://mainly28s.com), which is where my handle comes from- I only purchase 25-28mm figures and 1:56th to 1:60th vehicles for my own collection.

    wargames review site...

    Avatar photodhauser

    Hi; my name is Donald Hauser and I have been playing with toy soldiers my entire life. As a young fellow a friend and I would setup elaborate battlefields with Marx plastic soldiers and then throw rocks at them from a distance. About the time I entered 8th grade and might have put toys away a different friend found Donald Featherstones book War Games at the local public library. We’ll I was hooked for life.

    Those first games were played with photocopied pages from the War Games and a pair of armies purchased from the back of a comic book, AWI to be exact and many of those soldiers are still in a box downstairs. When I eventually found Airfix my world exploded. I was painting WWI Germans and French Foreign Legion boxes for the Franco-Prussian War. I was also deforming the Ancient Britians with a candle to make Orcs to fight my Roman Legions, Robin Hood and Sheriffs warriors. Airfix seemed to make everything possible in those halcyon days.

    I almost left the hobby after playing a long, competitive, non-stop, 14 hour game of Napoleons Battles. It was truly terrible.

    Fortunately I didn’t as I am now a co-owner of BAD and Footsore Miniatures and looking to get back to my roots. Making toy soldiers and finally painting to comprehensive armies for the FPW!

    Most of the games I play are fairly simple with loads of toy soldiers as it has always been the spectacle of massed armies of nicely painted toys on a pretty table that keeps me excited.


    Hi,  I’m Richard. I’m a recovering wargamer. I’ve been “clean” for about 4 years now. Every time I feel the need to wargame, I remind myself that I sculpt figures most of the day and I really don’t need a busman’s holiday! However I do like looking at pretty figures and well painted armies and have a ridiculously large lead mountain.

    Avatar photoUrbanWulf

    Hello, I’m Louis. I’ve been wargaming pretty much my entire life (not that long in the grand scheme of things!). I have a rather varied taste, both in historical periods and made up ones as well as scales. For the most part I work on 54mm miniatures for my club (I use that term loosely), mostly doing demo games for south UK shows. When I’m not working on those I dabble in other projects, at the moment this is 6mm Sci-Fi! I spend more time procrastinating than actually doing anything though.

    Skirmish games are mostly my thing, although large battles in smaller scales are also fun.

    Avatar photoAnon User

    Nice one Mike and Sam, I hope this place goes from strength to strength.

    I am Clarence, more cross-eyed lion than guardian angel. Currently working on 15mm Sci-Fi, 6mm Napoleonics and the odd few 28mm Arthurians but I am more of a project starter than a finisher.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Greetings, all. My name is Scott, and I have been painting miniatures and wargaming since 1979. In that time I have dabbled in the Fantasy (C&S, Tekumel) and Samurai genres, although my first love is Ancients in general, and the Gallic Wars in particular. Over the years I have also done a bit of proofreading for some of my favorite rule sets. I have a pretty substantial 18mm lead hillock to get painted and based. Work and family commitments are seriously eating into my painting and gaming time at present, but I am hoping that situation will improve within the next year or two.

    Avatar photoJust John

    Hi all, my name is John and I’m a leadaholic. I have a variety of tastes ranging from Oldhammer to Colonial Sudan with a bit of Pulp Alley and historical skirmish for good luck. Looking forward to deeing how this place does, it would be nice to see it succeed 🙂

    My blog http://tabletopheroesandvillains.blogspot.ie

    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    My apologies for the ‘Anonymous’ name in the post above. I had to ask Mike to delete my original account and whip me up a new one, with the result that my posts under the old account are now ‘Anonymous.’. I think I have this site figured out now, more or less.

    Carry on!



    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field

    Avatar photoMike

    Editor Mike here.
    I am Michael, which yes, that does mean Angel Barracks is also me.

    Conflict of interest?
    That is a legitimate concern of course, but no.

    I have chosen the name Editor Mike and used an avatar that looks like me (a bit) to remind me that I am me, and not Angel barracks when posting on here.
    The name helps me distance myself from my normal day to day Angel Barracks head.
    I am determined to be objective and fair, if you see me being otherwise please mail me.
    Also Editor Sam will keep me in line.

    Editor Sam and I started working on this site a while back as we both felt the gaming community needed an alternative to what was out there.
    People want hobby news and the ability to post comments about them.
    People want a chat room/forum to talk about the hobby news and also to chat to each other about all things gaming.
    People want a community site that will allow them to share and enjoy gaming.
    We want that too.
    So here we are!

    Anyway, thanks for being here and hopefully as we grow, we will go from strength to strength, I have high hopes based on the eagerness of people to pay to advertise and become sponsoring members so early on.

    Thanks again!

    Avatar photoPaul

    Hello, Paul here. I am primarily a historical and pseudo-historical wargamer: my interests include African Bush Wars, Samurai, Ancient Chinese, Darkest Africa and Zombies in 28mm, and VSF, more African Bush Wars and modern combat in 15mm – like a lot of gamers I have more projects on the go at any given time than my wallets pain threshold can handle.

    Besides wargaming, my other interests include the other stereotypical geek pursuits of roleplaying games and comic books but my primary focus is my family.

    I have a terribly neglected blog at http://interestingworkabroad.blog.com which I really should put a bit of effort into.

    In the interests of full disclosure I am also a basic member of TMP and LAF.

    Anyway, good luck with the site guys.












    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    Hello there!

    I’m John D Salt, a username that fails quite badly to disguise my real name of John D Salt.

    I started wargaming at the age of 11, in my final year at junior school. A library copy of Featherstone’s “Battles with Model Soldiers” was what started me off; Horsham library also supplied copies of “Little Wars”, “Charge!” and “Advanced Wargames”. The first wargames book I bought myself, for the princely sum of a guinea, was Charles Grant’s “Battle!” — still, I maintain, the best book to show how a set of rules should be devised, based on measurements from the real world.

    At the same age, I was given a second-hand copy of Avalon Hill’s “Afrika Korps”, passed on because the 14-year-old who originally owned it found it too hard to understand the rules. I haven’t counted my collection of boardgames lately, but last time I did there were well over 250, mostly from the heyday of SPI.

    I never used to be a great one for joining clubs, but I have been a member of the Bedford Gladiators, the Naval Wargames Society, and West Kent Wargamers, and I am current a member of Wargame Developments and the Defence Academy wargames club. I have contributed quite a few articles to The Nugget, and in the old days one or two under my name appeared in Wargames Illustrated and The Phoenix.

    My current job involves professional wargaming and computer simulation, and I still get the occasional game with the circle of school friends I introduced to wargaming over 40 years ago.

    It’s a great hobby!

    All the best,


    Avatar photoRussell Phillips

    Hi people. I’m Russell Phillips, I’ve been wargaming since my brother in law introduced me to Avalon Hill’s Stalingrad when I was 8. I’ve not done much wargaming for the past several years, but am intending to fix that.

    A few years ago I started writing books, so you’ll be seeing my adverts once I get around to uploading one 🙂

    Military history author
    Website : Mastodon : Facebook

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Hello, Glenn (Sonny) Wilson, played my first war themed board game at age 9 after years of making up rules for my toy soldiers since I was much younger.  SPI Board games sometime before I enlisted in the USAF as a medic.  First Miniatures in 1971 – 1972 time frame, while in Sacramento, CA, USA, in service.  First FRPG (White Box D&D) within that window.

    “In the Beginning”

    Historical (Tricolor; Column,Line, and Square; Airfix plastic figures, Chainmail rules (2nd Edition,) , Fantasy [LOTR flavored Chainmail rules by Gygax and Perren,] , and SF [Starguard 2nd edition] from early on.




    Prefer 2D Air War game rules, Battles over Skirmishes, and historical settings before 1914 (1680 – 1820 in North America) and after 1492.

    Fantasy – the old Der Kreigspieler figures (especially Dwarf/”smiley faced” goblins) and now reaching for smaller size (bigger scale in my cartographic trained brain) from 18 to 3 mm.

    A huge fan of Two Hour Wargame rules.

    Avatar photoJeremy Sutcliffe

    Jeremy Sutcliffe: Oldham

    I’ve been gaming for 43 years.

    As you can imagine, in that time I’ve touched most periods in a variety of scales and I’ve now got more figures than I’m ever going to need. Not that the collection is likely to stop growing.

    Most of my stuff is 15mm which has suited me as a home based gamer with a 6′ x 4′ playing surface. I gave up counting the figures when the total passed 10k. However I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of painting 28mm and I’ve built up a larger than I need pool of forces for Ronin and I’m currently working on enough figures for Donnybrook. Don’t ask why but I’m also working on a 10mm Malburian set up.

    There’s no club in the Oldham area but we do have web of home based gamers.


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Steve Johnson


    I have been wargaming on and off since the early ’70s, starting off with Thane Tostig and the Airfix Annuals WWII rules. Fast forwarding to the present, I play BKCII, Dux Bellorum, the Black Powder stable, KR-16 and CoC. As with many of my friends, I don’t get enough time to game as I would like, but recently Michael and I have been trying to get a game of KR-16 in on a Monday, to satisfy our wargaming fix.

    Avatar photoShandy


    I’m Thomas and have restarted wargaming about 2 years ago. As a youngster, I played GW’s Space Marines (the original Epic), subscribed religiously to Miniature Wargames (early Ian Dickie) and even had a Prussian SYW army which I never managed to paint due to General Laziness. 2 years ago, my girlfriend and I watched Wil Wheaton’s TableTop and got hooked to the whole gaming thing. I bought X-Wing and all went downhill from there…

    At the moment, I play Ganesha Game’s rules in 28mm (pirates), SAGA in 15mm, Wars of the Roses in 15mm (Sharp Practice variant), sci-fi in 15mm (probably going to change rules, we realized we don’t like Tomorrow’s War), napoleonic naval in 1/2400 (Kiss me Hardy). Pretty eclectic, although it turns out my main interest is medievals and I’m pretty much a 15mm guy – my painting skills are just good enough to get a decent result in an acceptable time and we don’t have much space for gaming and storage anyway.

    I really like the idea of this forum, thanks to Mike and Sam for doing this!


    Avatar photoSparker

    Dear All,

    I’ve gone and started a separate post to introduce myself, I know that appears rather big headed – sorry, didn’t know the form!

    So anyway, just want to repeat my congratulations and best wishes to Mike for starting this forum, its very timely so ‘good on yer Mate!’

    I play principally at my FLGS, the Hall of Heroes Campbelltown NSW Australia, but also regularly at my Uni’s club, in Wollongong in the Illawarra region of NSW, on Thursday evenings. I know the drill is usually to list one’s interests in terms of scale and period, but in my case that would misleadingly imply that there is some sort of rational organisation behind my wargaming – which there isn’t! If its shiny and new, or if one of my wargaming mates is enthusiastic, I’ll give pretty much anything historical a good go!

    That said, left to my own devices, I would say that my priorities are 28mm Naps, 20mm WW2, 15mm Cold War…

    Look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones on here!

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

    Avatar photoArteis

    Hi, Arteis here (otherwise known as Roly Hermans).

    I’ve been wargaming since my teens, though, like many middle-aged wargamers, I had a long gap in the hobby while family and work pressures interceded for many years.

    I’m easily dazzled by shiny things, so for me the look of the wargame is everything. Scenery, figures, even the rules book – the better they look, the happier I am. So I’m first and foremost an aesthetic gamer.

    And I make no apologies for my unabashed bias towards gaming the fascinating horse-and-musket era in full glorious 28mm, whether the stately and mannered formations of the 18th century, the panache and panoply of  the  Napoleonic  period, or the rough and ready bush-fighting of the colonial New Zealand Wars.

    My other hobby in recent years has been family history.  With my family originating in the Netherlands, this has proved a challenging but very interesting project.  It also links with my wargaming hobby, as several of my ancestors were in the military.

    Roly (aka ‘Arteis’)
    Paraparaumu, New Zealand

    My Dressing The Lines blog

    Visit my ‘Dressing The Lines’ blog: http://arteis.wordpress.com/

    Avatar photopredatorpt

    Hi everyone. In my case, there’s a dual identity behind the nick – I’m Rodrigo but my brother – André – can also use this account. We are from Porto, Portugal.  We dabbled in 40k many years ago (3rd Edition) and before that we mainly played CCGs (X-Files, Battletech being the main culprits) and boardgames.

    After 40k died out here in our city, we turned to scale modelling and dropped out of the gaming scene. But then AT-43 appeared, I (Rodrigo) met that great miniature painted called David Woods (dwartist) on the Rackham forum and the cycle started again…

    In these last few years, we’ve played: AT43; Infinity; FUBAR; Bolt Action and Tomorrow’s War. We are now concentrating on Secrets of the Third Reich for our WWW2 gaming needs and Victory Decision: Future Combat for our sci-fi games. 28mm is our scale 😉

    We also have some  projects that are miniature related but we can’t disclose them right now.  Maybe at the end of August, if everything goes as planned and we have enough free time.

    I (Rodrigo), I’m a member of LAF and I was a member of TMP but had my account locked after a “Tango” related incident (that wasn’t my fault, but Bill decided I was guilty…). So, to finish, our wishes of best of luck for this project!


    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    One more trooper on board 🙂

    Ivan Sorensen, Danish but living in the US for a stint. The author of some games (FiveCore, FAD, Five Men in Normandy) and generally interested in 20th century skirmishing and some science fiction gaming. Usually a 15mm gamer but looking to move down in scale (6 and 10mm)

    My WW2 gaming has mostly been Nuts and Crossfire though it looks like Chain of Command will supplant both.

    For scifi, we’ve played a bit of everything: 40K Rogue Trader, 5150, Stargrunt II, Beam Strike, Warzone 1st edition and various other things.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    Evening all!

    Nice to see some names I recognise here!

    Like a lot of you, I discovered wargaming as a kid in the 70s. The local club had a massive Napoleonics game in the local church hall and I’ve never recovered from the experience. These days I amuse myself with historical figures in 6mm and 28mm.

    I also have a blog which, like a Top Gear project, is ambitious but rubbish! The idea is to build a database type resource with comparison photos of 28mm figures.

    Well done to Angel Mike for coming up with this site. Let’s hope it goes from strength to strength!


    Avatar photoPrince Rhys

    Hi everybody,

    saw the link on TMP and thought I’d mosey on down. Great to see a British wargames site for all where courtesy is a silent expectation of all. Fantastic!

    Please keep up up the excellent work you have done in a short space of time!


    Avatar photoPete Jones

    Hi All, my name is Pete Jones and I run the freewargamesrules website.

    I live in Wrexham, North Wales and have just turned 50 year this year and retired after 30 years in law enforcement.

    I have been wargaming for 40 years and started off with Airfix figures and moved on to the Airfix guides etc. I was a founding member of the now defunct Wrexham & District Wargamers in the 1990’s and started my own website in 1997 when Netscape was the browser of choice and Internet Explorer did not exist, nor come to think of it did Google.

    My main interests are Modern, Sci Fi, Euro boardgames and Skirmish gaming

    Besides running the freewargamesrules website I am also the webmaster of the Society Of Twentieth Century Wargamers website. My other “relatively recent” hobby is N Gauge Model Railways and I am the Chairman of our local Area Group.

    I am also a member of the following forums TMP, Frothers and Lead Adventure. Came over here as (a) it’s UK based and (b) sick of the all the goings on between TMP and Frothers (although I neverr got involved in either debate). I hope this site ignores all the non hobby related stuff and concentrates on wargaming.

    freewargamesrules http://www.freewargamesrules.co.uk

    Avatar photoBandit


    Good to see many familiar account names. My primary focuses are historical: Napoleonics, ACW, WW2. Eventually those will include SYW & Ancients. All in 15/18mm. I also play some BattleTech so on *rare* occasion you may see me post on the BattleTech forums (same name) or here in the Sci-Fi section.

    Full disclosure: I started looking for a new forum home last week while watching TMP fall apart / implode. The implosion appeared to then change into a sort of purge and as I viewed that as a loss for all involved I was very excited to hear that Mike was trying to create a new home for the online wargaming community that was perhaps a bit less… divisive.

    I hope to contribute things to TWW that people find useful and am excited to see what others contribute as well.

    Avatar photoMike

    I hope this site ignores all the non hobby related stuff and concentrates on wargaming.

    Thats the plan.
    Well card games, board games and ‘video games’ too.

    Avatar photoNick Turner

    Hi Gents,


    Nick from South Somerset, a member of the busy Yeovil club (South Somerset Wargames Group) Been playing since the early 70s, school games with loads of KV-2 attacking using home grown rules! Lost a little heart when not allowed to join the Arberfield club as I was only 15! For a while played Warhammer and appeared on a British Forces Germany programe in 86 with my drunken giant “Tim”!

    In Hong Kong played other stuff, but was finally converted to Historical in Germany in 94 by Alex Testo (of DBN and the Alexander Hotel Scarborough ((Well worth a visit)) Now have too much stuff, Dark Ages, Medieval, WOTR, TYW/ECW, SYW, Napoleonics, FPW, ACW, WW1/2 Cold War some in more than one scale, playing mainly FOG/ Napoleons Battles, Black Powder, Battle Group series, Krush the Kaiser.

    Thanks to Sparker for indicating the site!

    Avatar photoPaul

    So good to see familiar faces turning up.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoRobert Cordery

    <span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>I have been wargaming for as long as I can remember. One of the first toys that I was bought was a wooden fort that was garrisoned by assorted lead soldiers … and I have never looked back!</span>

    The first wargames book I bought was CHARGE! (although I had taken out [and repeatedly read] Donald Featherstone’s WAR GAMES book beforehand [and many thanks to John Curry for republishing it!]). After that I bought every wargames book I could find and afford, including Charles Grant’s WAR GAME and Terry Wise’s INTRODUCTION TO BATTLE GAMING.

    My first 20mm figures were the good old Airfix Guards Infantry and Band (in shocking pink!), soon followed by others as they were released, and by 1968, when I bought my first metal Hinton Hunt 20mm figures, I had a large collection of World War II figures, tanks, guns, and aircraft.

    I am a founder member of WARGAME DEVELOPMENTS and have been the treasurer and membership secretary ever since. I have also organised – along with Tim Gow – the annual conference (COW – Conference of Wargamers) for the past ten years. I have written numerous sets of wargame rules, including ARRIBA ESPANA, BUNDOCK AND BAYONET, WHEN EMPIRES CLASH, and most recently THE PORTABLE WARGAME.

    My main interests are wargaming any wars from 1850 onwards, although I have a special interest in Colonial, the Spanish Civil War, the Chaco War, and World War II wargaming. I also have a special interest in wargames that use square or hex grids for movement and weapon ranges, and write a wargaming blog called WARGAMING MISCELLANY (http://wargamingmiscellany.blogspot.co.uk).

    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    I am a founder member of WARGAME DEVELOPMENTS and have been the treasurer and membership secretary ever since. I have also organised – along with Tim Gow – the annual conference (COW – Conference of Wargamers) for the past ten years.

    If any of you haven’t been to COW, may I humbly suggest that it’s something every wargamer should try before they die. Personally I deeply regret leaving it as long as I did before giving it a go. Sure, it *seems* a bit expensive for a weekend wargaming convention, but consider that the price includes bed and full board (very full, including tea and cakes) for the weekend and compare that with what Holiday Inn will charge you for two nights without so much as a sniff at a toy soldier and still having to fork over for meals.

    Although he is too modest to mention it, I should also say that Bob does an excellent impression of a shouty thug with a big gun (“resistance is useless!”) whenever required in COW role-playing games.

    Bob — the cheque is in the post (no, really, it is) — see you at COW, and maybe at Connections?

    All the best,


    Avatar photoRobert Cordery


    Thanks for the plug for COW  … and I look forward to receiving your booking in the very near future.

    Unfortunately I will be missing Connections UK as I will be somewhere in the Mediterranean, but I hope to attend future events.

    All the best,


    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    Unfortunately I will be missing Connections UK as I will be somewhere in the Mediterranean

    Don’t tell me — you signed up for a battlefield tour of Matapan and Cape Spartivento?  😉

    All the best,


    Avatar photoSparker

    Yes several big names in the hobby signing on now – Roly ‘Arteis’ I think has long been making wargamers green with envy at his painting skills, John D Salt is a pillar of wisdom when it comes to all things Armour, Nick Turner is an inspiration to me and others for all things Cold War, and of course the Bandit is a tower of Napoleonic intellect…a good geographical spread too – from North Wales to New South Wales, NZ and beyond! – and the site only a few days old – a great start, and kudos to Mike and Sam for rolling their sleeves up and getting on with it! If we were manning up a 100 gun First Rate Man o’ War we’d be well pleased recruiting so many experienced old hands and keen young volunteers!

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

    Avatar photoBandit


    …and of course the Bandit is a tower of Napoleonic intellect…

    That is an incredibly kind thing to say of me. And considering that I am quite certain I could count on one hand the number of times you and I have agreed… on anything… and still have plenty of fingers left to hold a glass of Irish whiskey… I consider that one hell of a compliment coming from you. Thank you very much.

    Avatar photoBarks

    Gamer & painter from Newcastle, Australia. Plenty of grasshopper interests as seen on my blog.

    I’m excited by this new website, a chance to start afresh, and I wish it all the best.

    “A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!”

    Avatar photosurely you_jest

    Hello all,

    I started playing with the old airfix plastic models firing matchsticks at them with a model field gun, building houses and forts out of lego – ah the good old days!. I bought my first proper wargaming models from a long deceased shop in Sheffield, two boxes of 15mm zulus and painted up some british. Using wrg rules, I believe, I introduced some of my mates to the joys of wargaming. I then bought some 25mm minifig napoleonics but I could never find any one who was remotely interestd and I was too young to drive to the local games club which was miles away so i ended up playing quote a few SPI and Avalon Hill games with mates, plus the usual board games. I have also played DnD since it first came out and I still play today with my grown up step kids who I introduced when they were nippers.

    I’ve had a dabble with dba and dbm and bought a Macedonian successor army but again its hard to find players without committing to a club and time always seems to be lacking to devote the same evening every week. I found my old napoleonics in the attic a few months ago and decided to re-paint and get some recent rules and play with myself. I’ve found the painting *very* time consuming though, what with the reams of advice on t’internet and the high quality that seems to be de rigueur with any pics you see, but the recent rules seem a lot better than the original rules and I’m hoping to play some songs of drums and shakos and some sharpe practise once I have some nice scenery and some finished figures.

    I’ve got to buy ( and paint ) some french though and am stuck as to which manufacturer. I would buy minifig again but the details are not as good as, say, Perry, but I am going to finish painting all my existing lead beofer I buy any more! I am also planning on buying some 6mm and playing some larger action games – snappy nappy and grand armee look very good.

    Anyway, hello everyone!

    Avatar photoMike

    “A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!”

    Such an ace film!

    Avatar photoPeeler

    Hello, well done Mike, after recent shenanigans it’s good to see this new site up & running & good to see some familiar names, Sparker & Bandit to mention just two on this thread.

    I’m mostly into Dbx type games, mostly Napoleonics, and an occasional dose of ‘ Old School’ too. I used to a member of some other fora, but couldn’t be doing with such various shenanigans that went on & am currently on The Loose Association of Wargamers & now on here also.

    I hope this forum develops to rival the biggest out there, I’m sure it will with Mike at the helm, & I wish you every success with it. 🙂

    Avatar photoJeff Glasco


    I’m Jeff, and I’ve been playing historical minature wargames since 1982 when I got a job at the local game store and the owner introduced me to historical miniature wargames. I also played a lot of board games (mostly Avalon Hill) from 1975 to 1990, but since then it’s been mostly historical miniatures. I’ve tried a lot of different rules, but now my favorites are the original Piquet, Volley & Bayonet, and a variety of rules from Two Hour Wargames. Most of my figures are 15mm or smaller, but the Perry plastic figure have made me a real fan of 25mm figures. As far as periods go, I’ll try anything, but my favorites are the American Revolution, Napoleonics, World War Two, and the American Civil War. I don’t do much in terms of non-historical gaming other than playing the Star Wars X-Wing game with my 14 year old son.

    Otherwise, I’m a college/university professor and mostly teach World History, English, British, Irish, Scottish, and Atlantic World History in my regular face to face job liberal arts college job and historical theory, historical writing, and do the senior seminar in my extra job for an online university. I now live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but I’ve lived in all around the United States, Mexico City, London, and when I was an infantry lieutenant I lived in what was then West Germany (yes that was a long time ago). With two jobs, a wife, two kids, a dog, and two cats, I’ve been a bit swamped with other aspects of life recently and not played many games so far in 2014, but I’ve enjoyed just being able to paint figures and not worry if I have the next game ready. You can read more about my gaming activities at my blog: http://jdglasco.wordpress.com/.

    Avatar photoSparker

    Hi Jeff – with your academic background coupled with your military experience you look like a real asset to the forum – and I hope wargaming picks up for you later in the year!

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

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