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    I’ve heard that Genestealers pretty much crush everything in their way, so I am interested in some feedback on a mostly-Genestealer list:

    1 Broodlord: Catalyst
    1 Broodlord: Catalyst

    17 Purestrain Genestealers
    17 Purestrain Genestealers
    17 Purestrain Genestealers

    Fast Attack
    10 Gargoyles

    996 points-68PL

    Would it be better to go with two units of 20 Genestealers and one unit of 11. or keep them at 17 each as I have them here?

    The Gargoyles are meant for harassment and objective-seizing.

    Criticism and comments welcomed.

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    NKL Aerotom

    I haven’t played 40K since 5th ed, but used to run genestealer-heavy lists with Tyranids.

    Having a ┬ácheap carnifex or two to be bullet sponges can be incredibly helpful- give them nothing and have them run forward and try to close combat tanks or suchlike. Enemies almost always “shoot the big ones” and then once the genestealers get into combat its too late.

    You only really need 1 broodlord, and I would probably use smaller units of genestealers, around 12. Your genestealers should be your small, key units that take out the things you need to destroy. Everything else should be there to provide “more important” targets in the eyes of your enemy, and to support the genestealers. Things like venomthropes can be good for providing cover, and zoanthropes are also good at being useful for anti-tank or anti-infantry, while looking like a threat and being tough to kill (as well as relatively cheap)

    Having all genestealers might leave you a bit open to insta-death weapons. Anything with str 8 is going to be removing genestealers left and right, and ideally you don’t want anything targeting your genestealers until they are already in combat and its too late. Genestealers are also very expensive so you want to use them more as “special forces” units rather than the entirety of your force.

    The army should provide a distraction for the 2 or 3 turns it takes to get the genestealers into combat – once they’re in they’re going to chew through pretty much anything (except perhaps bloodletters or souped-up special characters or HQ choices).

    So an ideal army at around 1000 points might look something like this (this is rough – I haven’t checked the points and don’t have the latest codex);


    12 genestealers

    12 genestealers

    carnifex with nothing

    another carnifex if possible – with a ranged weapon (as cheap as possible)

    2 zoanthropes

    If you have extra space you could go for a venomthrope or a unit of gargoyles. Tervigons are great too as they provide a bullet sponge and crap out disposable termagants to cause trouble. Hormagaunts are excellent, being a cheap and fast unit and good for screening your genestealers.

    I’m not sure how useful this information would be as my experience with 40K is pretty out-of-date – but I’m sure having a more balanced army rather than a purely genestealer force is still a relevant composition. Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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