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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I need something to listen to while doing pre-paint preparation, and a man can only listen to so much BBC R4 before a medley of consumer affairs, Woman’s Hour, the Archers and vocally belligerent MPs starts doing irreparable damage to his brain. I need something hobby-related to comfort and swaddle me 

    So, what are the good (English-language) podcasts in the miniature gaming scene these days? I could also consider podcasts on tangential subjects like RPGs, military history or general fantasy/sci-fi geekdom if they’re light, beginner-friendly and non-technical enough. Youtube channels could also work, if they’re the chatty sort of videos that can reasonably well be listened to without watching.

    Avatar photoJohn

    I’d whole-heartedly recommend these below:

    1- Three Moves ahead by Trot Goodfellow and Rob Zacny – more of a computer gaming podcast, but their discussion of tactics and game design are very good, and they do dabble in board and miniature wargaming in their previous shows.

    2-The History of the Great War by Wesley Livesay- Pretty self explanatory, with roughly half-hour run time.

    3-When Diplomacy Fails by Zack Twamley – this podcast on the diplomacy of war covers a range of wars from the Punic Wars to the First World War in a relatively impartial lighthearted manner.

    4-The History of WWII Podcast by Ray Harris – Very well written with easily available sources and in depth study of  every part of the conflict. Three years in and he’s only reached the end of Battleaxe, so I’m looking forward to his coverage of Barbarossa.

    To model the effect of Nuclear weapons on the wargaming table, apply jerry can of fuel to board, light match and stand well back.

    Avatar photoRod Robertson


    Its not miniatures related but it’s funny and could inspire you while painting.  A Cthulhu meets Beyond the Fringe sort of thing. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the first episode.


    Cheer and good listening.

    Rod Robertson

    Avatar photoSparker

    Had a few good hours out of these guys getting authors to speak about their books:


    And the WWPD guys are actually pretty professional and entertaining. They concentrate mainly, but not exclusively, on Flames of War. But a great listen just for the banter!


    Now if we could just persuade Justin at ‘Model Dads’ to do some podcasts!


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    Avatar photoPhil Dutré

    Currently, there are two podcasts I listen to during my paint sessions:

    HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast  http://hppodcraft.com/

    The nice thing is is that each episode a story is being discussed, so you can follow along by (re)reading all your Lovecraft material.

    And Meeples and Miniatures for miniature wargaming. https://meeples.wordpress.com/


    Avatar photoShandy

    Apart from M&M (which is my favorite) and occasionally D6G… I listen to

    – In our time (ok, that’s BBC4, but it still is fun)

    – Wargaming Recon by Jonathan Reinhart

    – History Extra Podcast

    – History Today Podcast

    – Ancient Warfare Magazine Podcast

    – the TOR books podcast Rocket Talk also is interesting sometimes… lots of interviews with SF/F authors


    Avatar photoRussell Phillips

    These are history podcasts, rather than wargaming:

    History is Now

    History Extra

    The Angry History Show

    Military history author
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