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    Avatar photoirishserb

    Just Curious, what are your current post war/cold war/ modern projects?

    This weekend, I will be adding a few more 15mm troops and vehicles (a Salidin, couple of Ferrets) to my Uwandan African imagi-nation forces for the next round of battles.

    I’ve also been dong research and planning for purchases later in the year of my Cold War French.  There will two different forces, one for Europe circa 1978-82, and one for Africa circa 1985-1990.

    And, I finally managed to get a little work in on my M113 variants for 1978-82 US cold war forces lately.


    So what are you guys working on?

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I’m still doing The Sultanate of Ifat, FOW is coming out with Cold War goes hot in Aug. so your M-113 will come in handy.

    Avatar photoPaul

    Need to rebase some of my 15mm moderns (Rhodesians, insurgents, PMCs) to match my newer US, Taliban and North Korean basing. Also want to do some foamboard buildings for urban battles.
    In 28mm, I have a few die cast pickups that need to be “dirtied up”.
    Haven’t touched any moderns this year, so need to give them some attention.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoJozisTinMan

    Completing my 3mm Cold War 1985 project, the end is in sight!  On the painting table right now are a Czeck Tank Regiment of T-55’s and a FRG Panzer Brigade with Leopard 2’s.



    Avatar photoNick Turner

    6 x new model collect T-64 and T-64 ERA to finish, a few odds and sods for my 6 Airmobile bde, some West German stuff and a Scud! Then find some BTR-70 for me NVA, all  in 20mm.

    A few more buildings, CI and British Infantry (Some in trenches) and increase my T-64 to couple of Bns in 6mm then give the new Sabre Sqn rules a go.

    Avatar photoSpurious

    Building terrain for use with 28mm modern Russians and other stuff. Maybe I’ll have that done in a month or two at this rate. Got a whole load of scenario ideas that need writing up and playing to go with that. Should really finish off some 6mm stuff too, but sci-fi is also calling.

    Avatar photoSparker

    Well officially my Cold War projects are strictly verboten for the time being as I’m supposed to be concentrating on Waterloo 200, only a couple of months away – yikes!

    However last weekend, as a quick break from wall to wall Lifeguards, Blues and Greys, I took time out to assemble a JB Models Saladin A/C, just for some light relief – what a lovely model! Should go well with my Hobbymaster Centurions.

    However I suppose 15mm is a more credible scale for the Cold War, so I am very excited about Battlefront/FOW’s entry into this area later in the year….

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

    Avatar photoshelldrake

    I have modern 15mm Aussies and North Koreans I am working on at platoon level, as well as some zombies and aliens as a sci-fi cross over for the Aussies.

    I am also tinkering with 3mm Modern Aussies and Indonesians for Brigade level games.

    Pendraken’s Falklands war range is tempting me do a Falklands project (funnily enough) and if I can find some mini’s I like, I would love to do an “Wild Geese” Mercenaries vs an African nation.


    Avatar photogrizzlymc

    980s Cold War Gone Hot in 1:300 scale, little painted but all organised for Command Decision, with air support.

    By the way, the Chieftan video thread won’t let me post, it is bloody pornographic! Can someone tell me why the infantry fix bayonets inside the APc, it seems rather dangeous compared with fixing once you are outside.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    If you hit “refresh” while a in a thread that won’t let you post, usually it will let you post.

    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    15mm Modern Skirmish:

    US Marines Ptn., US Army Infantry Ptn., Canadian Ptn., British Royal Marine Ptn., French Foreign Legion Ptn. 100+ Taliban, 40+ Arab Insurgents, 50+ Somali/African Insurgents, Lots of vehicles (Many from Irishserb!).

    Afghan Buildings, Middle Eastern Buildings, African Shanty Buildings.

    This summer I will reactivate and use my old micro armour kit.

    6mm Micro Armour:

    Soviet Motor Rifle Soviet Independent Tank Regiment, Division, Czech Motor Rifle Regiment, East German Tank Regiment, German Mech. Brigade, Canadian Mech. Brigade, US Mech Brigade, French Tank Btns X 2 (AMX-30B, AMX – 40 LeClerc), 2 X Mech Btn (AMX -10P, VAB) British Mech. Brigade + Armoured Regiment , Helicopters and aircraft galore.

    Must Keep painting! So little time, so much to do. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

    Rod Robertson

    Avatar photobishnak

    Too many to mention! All in 3mm though



    Avatar photoSabresquadron

    Going through the final rounds of playtesting and getting to grips with formatting ready for publishing the rules in July.


    Avatar photogrizzlymc

    Of course, planned is a gradual drop in tech until my CWGH armies blend in with my WWI fr operation unthinkable.

    Also, a sort of AK47 with normal rules.
    Chileans vs Argies and/or Peruvians in the late 70s and early 70s appeals.
    And then you have the armies for Falklands.

    I also have a hankering for contemporaneous naval but want something that happens faster than Harpoon and is a bit more granular than Seastrike.

    Avatar photoGeoffQRF

    I’m shaping a turret for the new cast turret Leopard 1 😉

    QRF Models Limited

    Avatar photoirishserb

    Oh Geoff, you always say the sweetest things.

    Avatar photoGeoffQRF

    Fun part is then working out how to turn it into the 1A1, 1A1A1, 1A1A2, 1A1A3, 1A1A4, 1A2, 1A2A1, 1A2 A2, 1A2A3 and 1A5 with minimum work 🙂

    QRF Models Limited

    Avatar photoirishserb

    It looks like some kind of mutant binary code.  Good luck, I understand your burden.

    Avatar photoIain Fuller

    I have an Austrian PzrGren Bgde all bought and on the painting desk in 6mm and using FFT3.

    I’m seriously thinking of doing a twist on some other forces though, my idea is that somehow ww2 didn’t happen (Hitler assassinated before ’39 or some such) so Eastern Europe stayed out of Soviet control so the countries use Western kit. The idea is to use some to&e’s from some other nations so that I can use their kit instead e.g using Argentina for Hungary. Just an excuse to model some different forces and to give a framework in which to fight them against each other. Only other ‘rule’ is to not use any Soviet kit (they refuse to arm capitalist armies) so where they crop up I’ll use something ‘apt’- for example Finland will have Vickers mk 1 & 3 instead of their T-72 & T-55’s, and probably some Spz 11/12’s kindly sold to them by Germany to replace BMP’s. As this will just be for me to play solo, can’t see a problem with it all.

    I am having a problem though, trying to decide what the Czech’s would use – torn between them being Japanese, South Korean or South African – figure they’d be making their own stuff so these are the front runners – probably go with South Africans though, just something about the Ratel aint there!

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