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    Mr. Average

    I admit I’m at something of a loss.  What looks to be my last major game project for the season is on the table now – a special order of Marhaf Legion for my 6mm-scale Rainforest War set, and for some reason I have it stuck in my head that they will be the Seventh Phalanx of the Clavian Lunar Hoplites, from the lunar colony/city-state of Clavius.  Clavius is one of the Cleisthenic-styled colony city-states referred to as the “Five Greeks,” or more formally as League of Cresinon, and they have sent “volunteers” to fight on the side of the Republic of Sulaco.  Unfortunately, the Hoplites also have an old axe to grind with the Earthlight Division, as well.  That little maneuver the Division pulled at the Battle of Procellarum stung them hard, and if the Earthlight Division should find itself in a tight spot, well, who knows but that there might just be an opportunity to sting them right back.

    But anyway, I realized that:

    1. The moon is all shades of grey.
    2. They’re fighting on Earth anyway, so would probably have repainted their tanks, VTOLs and Dropships.
    3. I’ve already used a lot of color combinations and don’t want them to appear the same as anyone else.

    SO.  Blue, blue-grey, tan, and green are hard sells, also red and gold.  I’ve been considering a light grey and white base with a purple pattern-breaker (a camo scheme called “ultra-violent” I used on Ogre vehicles in the Beforetime), but I’m not totally sure.  Just a grey on grey will make them too similar to the Regimento Acero (described elsewhere on the forum) and so I want to steer clear of that.  So, any thoughts or advice?  I realize it’s a bit of a weird question, but then this is a weird project after all.

    An extra wrinkle is that I have a bunch of Plasmablast “Progenitor” forces as well, already painted (but not very well), that I consider under-utilized in my game set, and so I might strip and repaint them as another Lunar force.  They would be from the nemesis of the Five Greeks, the authoritarian Tycho Federation, whose 93rd Tycho Grenadiers would be fighting on behalf of Costaguana.

    Norm S

    From the moon, I would be inspired by the large globe in the heavens …. earth.

    So I would do ocean blue with grey/white cloudy mix as a breaker. ….. but if I were from the dark side of the moon, I might consider black / grey and variations of that.

    Rod Robertson

    Mr. Average:

    Three tone grey to dark grey-brown disruptive camouflage motif a la Chris Foss, with an inflatable and dynamic skin that can mimic shapes like rocks and boulders or small rises and which very slowly changes shape over time to confuse reacquisition.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Rod Robertson


    That was a hoot (and quite a toot)! Alas, in space no one can hear you scream/fart! Thanks for posting that.


    Rod Robertson


    Tim, Great link, thanks for that.

    Regarding the moon camo, how about ERDL colors dictated by where the fight would take place, but using a pattern based on the black/dark brown outlined  3-color pattern on French Char B1 bis in 1940.

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