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    Uses them to refight Austerlitz of course,

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    What does a wargamer do with £1 of matchsticks?

    As always, comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome

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    Mark Jessop

    Very nice, a good way to get more armies at low cost and using a bit of innovation and imagination.  This reminds of an article some years back in Miniature Wargames about armies made from hair rollers.  I like you

    Steve Johnson



    Absolutely fantastic idea, painting is cool, works for me. Add some flags and they will look even better. I am so tempted to do this for WSS and SYW, ideal to fight large campaigns and battles.


    Love them!


    That is very cool – I admire your perseverance and dedication – much too fiddly for me – and you did it without a specialist cutter ? – phew – there was madness in your method 😉

    I’m no stranger to the smallest of scales – I’m playing about with the new 2mm Antonine Miniatures Ancients on my Blog at the moment – but these are another level !

    I think what is most striking however, and a tribute to how well they turned out – they are instantly recognisable as representing the various troop types, and with your paint job, quite obviously the Napoleonic armies you set out to achieve – one in the eye for those small scale scoffers out there !

    Look forward to seeing more…..

    Geof Downton


    I understand how you cut the matchsticks, but I’m not sure how you avoided cutting your fingers.

    Less clumsy than me I guess…

    One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.
    Ahab, King of Israel; 1 Kings 20:11

    Andrew Beasley

    Impressive result.

    Looking forward to seeing your board and game.

    Guy Farrish


    It’s a great idea. Not sure how the DBN rules work but these armies are definitely aimed at the big picture. Look forward to hearing how they work out in action on your terrain (which I’m also looking forward to seeing.).

    Hate to say it, but not an original idea – though it may well be to you. Matchstick armies were in a magazine many years ago I think. I remember playing an ECW game with Andy Callan using his matchstick armies c 1982? just before he upgraded to his hair roller ACW armies!

    (I’ve just realised how long ago that was!)

    ian pillay


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    As a teenager I cut up balsa wood sticks to make blocks and used coloured pins for strength.  Neat but not as interesting as figures.

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    Just nutz.

    Blinking paint by numbers... bahhumbug!

    Tony S

    I was thinking I’d see a Roman marching camp, or a pontoon bridge, or maybe a corduroy road.

    That was an expected first sentence of yours to read!  Very impressive results, and my thrifty nature was especially gratified.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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