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    Avatar photoJazzadazza

    Long time lurker, short time poster.

    To bring a bit of life to this forum as well as create a bit of a discussion, I would love people to post and let us all know what era do they mostly use FOF for.. Please feel free to post pictures etc!

    For me the club I play at, we use FOF for anything and everything however our main setting is 80s Cold war! (Hopefully ill have some pics from a game soon!) We have guys playing USSR, East Germans, USA and UK.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    1900 t0 2016 with the FOW engine…yeah I know, but it works for me…I should get back to my 5 core stuff but no one locally plays it.

    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Hi Jazzadazza:

    I use FoF for Ultramodern 15mm skirmish and platoon-company level games set in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa. I have Taliban, Iraqi/Arab irregulars, North African irregulars, French Foreign Legion, US Marines, US Army Regulars, Royal Marine Commandoes, unpainted Germans and unpainted Canadians (works in progress). I have tried them a couple of times in 15mm Cold War gone hot scenarios but I like them more for the asymmetrical warfare of the last fifteen years. For Cold War 15’s I have Soviets, Brits and Canadians. I am still very much a newbie to these rules as I have used others in the past. I have really only been using FoF for the last two years or so. Most of my Cold War era gaming is with 6mm miniatures at the battlegroup or regimental/brigade level which I have been playing since the early 1980’s.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    I would say my main interest is WWII tactical, but I also have ACW mostly complete, with 1066 armies and napoleonics (French / Austrian waiting in the painting queue. I would love to do something with AWI.

    I have a big interest in gaming on grids – mainly hexes.

    Avatar photowillz

    18th Century, Medieval, WW2, Board games various, drifting back to 40k, would do Napoleonic’s, AWI, ACW, Franco- Prussian war, ancient if I had time. space and money.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Keep in mind, this is a FOF-centric question on the FOF board, everyone 

    I’d forgotten that FOF has a Cold War Gone Hot supplement. It’s an intriguing thought, gaming a 1980s “what-if” conflict in Europe on a more-or-less skirmish level.

    I also notice now there’s a Bush Wars supplement I never knew about. That’s an intriguing theme as well. It’s a somewhat sensitive topic (racism, vestigial colonialism, etc) but I can’t say I’m not interested in the African bush wars as historical conflicts, however ugly they are to behold on a more emotional level.

    Ultimately, though, I’m not a FOF player, but I thought I’d contribute a bit to the discussion and try to bring it back on track a bit. If I did play FOF (or any other late-C20th-to-moderns ruleset), I think 1980s Cold-War-gone-hot or 1960s-1980s bush wars would be my scene. Some other “end-of-colonialism” conflicts like the Aden Emergency and Malayan Emergency also interest me, mainly because they’re terra incognita to me, but they may perhaps fall outside the FOF timeframe.

    Avatar photowillz

    Sorry what does FOF mean?

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Sorry what does FOF mean?

    Force On Force, a ruleset from Ambush Alley Games. It’s easy to miss, but this thread is posted in the Ambush Alley Games > Force on Force board. Ambush Alley and Nordic Weasel Games keep “official” forums for their product lines on TWW with Mike’s help.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Ah sorry – it is though administratively a nuisance the way a poster can post their question in a folder that relates to their game, but time the question appears on the front page in the current posting listings, it just looks like a random question – that is not folder or game specific. Is there a way around that?

    Avatar photoMike

    Is there a way around that?

    Don’t think so, sorry.

    To be fair to the OP they do mention FOF a couple of times in their question.
    And as Rhoderic noted it is in the FOF forum.

    Avatar photomaggico

    When it’s possible, where I live I don’t have an opponent, I play mainly ultra modern era (Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa now).

    I have miniatures to play Nam and Bush Wars. Especially latter I like.

    Avatar photoPapasan

    Play mostly the Afghan/Iraq with FoF currently, hope to branch out into the cold war era when time and money allows.

    Avatar photoLawrence Foster

    So nice to be back!  Thanks, Mike for your help if you read this.

    My sons and friends prefer to play Dark Ages and games with sharp pointed sticks, and WW2.  We play 28mm exclusively because that’s the scale of minis everyone has.  I decided to explore more contemporary modern gaming when I began re-researching 19th and 20th century colonial wars (my background is Middle Eastern and Russian history), a favorite topic of mine.  I designed a modern Africa campaign game, set in a fictional West Africa, for my gaming group out of all of that and have been using FoF for that game as well as for my Vietnam game.  I am now looking at playing some games set in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The FoF rules and resource books help a lot and keep it simple for me as I don’t have to shop around for different books and rules for each conflict.  The forum is also a great way to make connections and get ideas and clarifications on rules etc.

    We live in Alaska and the group is slowly moving away (kids to college and friends to new jobs or retirement to warmer climes) so finding anyone to play with is becoming more difficult, however.  Solo rules?  I have the Featherstone etc books and I have yet to try the solo activation rules found in the main rules and Ambush Valley.  Any ideas?



    Avatar photoHanno Barka

    finally managed to get into this new forum 🙂
    Regarding FoF I have been playing WW2 in 28mm (several US, a British and a German Armies) so far but now I’m getting into “modern” settings: Lebanon 82/ 83, Cold War gone hot and the Rhodesian bushwars in 20mm.

    Beside FoF there are the usual suspects: AWI (Americans 28mm) Napoleonics (Russians 15mm), ACW (Union 28mm, Rebs 15mm), European and Asian Renaissance (TYW Imperialist 28mm, Parliament ECW 10mm, Sengoku Takeda 28mm, GNW Swedes 28mm, Medieval (Early Crusaders), Ancients (Myceneans 26mm, Ptolemaic 28mm, Carthaginan 28mm, Late Romans 28mm, Comnenian Byzanties 28mm).
    I also play the occasional WW2 naval game (USA 1:2400)
    Beside that I play SF (Tomorrow’s Wars – several 29mm Armies) Dropzone/ fleet Commander (Resistance/ UCM) and of course the classics (Warhammer FB & 40K)

    (If you notice a bias towards USA armies that’s because 2/3rds of our family are Americans and my uncle was an Officer in the US Army.

    Austria - usually we don't have kangaroos.

    Avatar photoDarryl Smith

    Using FoF for the following:

    Vietnam (Ambush Valley)

    Buckeye Six Actual

    Avatar photoPatG

    I am very interested in people’s thoughts about African Bush Wars. I have heard good things about FOF and AA and I am certainly leaning that way for Rhodesia and Jadotville. Note that I already play 19th century Colonials so I have a pretty good grasp of the realities of Imperialism and its post-colonial legacy.

    Avatar photoHanno Barka

    @PatG I’m prwetty new to this thematic and I also have no colonial warfare experience. I bought the FoF Supplement out of interest after I saw the Last King of Scotland and got hooked. but so far I have only read some Ospreys and the Supplement – just starting doing research but I gladly discuss with you as Rhodesia is also one of my prime interests.

    Austria - usually we don't have kangaroos.

    Avatar photoSplod

    Afghanistan 2008+

    I’ve also got a project that’s been in the works for years now, and by works I mean ‘hoarding suitable miniatures’ to do an ultra-modern invasion Australia game.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Late to the party on this thread. I’m very new to FoF having only played with the rules a few times at the miniatures gaming club I belong to. I’m attempting to work the rules for a French Indochina campaign set in the Tonkin theater 1951-54. I’ve previously run such a campaign with the Savage Showdown rules, so I have the miniatures (including 1/72’s of most of the vehicles), the details of battles and know the history well. My struggle is that the era was really more akin to World War II in terms of troop organization, gear and vehicles, so I’ve got some adapting to do. I did download the WW II supplement for FoF which will hopefully help.

    I’m also very interested in cold war Africa and Europe and just bought the Bush Wars and Cold War Gone Hot books. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the Portuguese conflicts of Africa, so I’ll likely start with one of the 3 theaters. I have little to no miniatures for those however, other than vehicles from 50’s French Colonial and Foreign Legion units that may have been similar, so it’s going to be a while before any sessions happen.

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