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    Rummaging around in the storage area I found these figures. The Trojan War took less time to complete than this project! Literally. I started re-basing the figures yesterday. I’ve always loved these figures. I think most of them are Redoubt but there might be a few Foundry in there, too. It total, about 90 foot figures and three chariots. Roughly a third are painted but without weapons and shields. My completion rate is much, much better if I have a project, not just figures to paint. So what to do? Would this number of figures work for a Lion Rampant/Saga type game? Can anyone recommend a set of rules? I seem to recall something about ‘Pig Wars’ being a popular set for this time period….

    (P.S., I’m also testing my new phone’s camera and the forum picture upload functions.)


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    What a coincidence; I’m painting my way through a DBA-sized Trojan army at the moment, having finished the Greeks a few months back.  I’m thinking on using Hordes of the Things (HOTT) rules, limiting recoils to the number of figures on an element of two or more.  There was a very good article on this in (I think) Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy (sic) a year or so ago, which had a really neat way of handling the role of the gods. Likely I’ll use Command and Colours cards rather than PIPs to direct play.  That however is a little while away.

    BTW, great looking figures 

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    There is a Chariots Rampant version of Lion Rampant that would do the trick.  It’s available on line from Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine, costs about $3.00.


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    Dux Brittanarium from TooFatLardies and the summer 2017 Special, which has rules to convert the first game (Dark Ages Britain) to the latter, Troy.


    Why not try ‘A Song of Blades and Heroes’?

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    Seems like you could convert SAGA pretty easily for the job.

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