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    I play wargames with the miniatures. (favourite KR 16)
    I play boardgames with the counters. (favourite Firefly)
    I play video games with the swearing and shouting at the controller. (favourite Destiny / Minecraft)

    Not Connard Sage

    Yeah, all of those.

    Miniatures it’s probably Might & Reason with the Sun King lists.

    Boardgames. Victory Games ‘Fleet’ series gets the occasional outing, but I haven’t bought any boardgames in decades.

    PC games: World of Tanks, Pike & Shot, Steel Panthers.


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    Guy Farrish

    Toy soldier games – Napoleonics mostly with Volley & Bayonet, Thirty Years War – own rules, Dux Bellorum, Lion Rampant, Ancients with Impetus and people are trying to convince me about Hail Caesar and Sword & Spear – more chance with the latter, at least I can read more than a page without losing the will to live. WWII Blitzkrieg Commander and WRG Armour Infantry 1925-1950 (1973 edition not the unreadable unplayable 88 massacre) , Cold War Commander and No End in Sight. There is no way I play all these regularly at the moment, but all have had an outing in the last 18 months.

    Board – used to – still got a few – get 1809 Victory Games and the Fleet series out now and again and sigh and wonder when I had the time and cat and child free space to play these. Occasionally look at the box of Squad Leader and wonder if thirty odd years have morphed its contents into anything playable, then experience too many shudders of horror to dare opening it.

    PC games – Pike and Shot, various Close Combat editions – but they are just sitting on the computer rather than being actively played at the moment.

    Kriegsspiel – occasionally and rarely these days – probably the best wargames experiences.

    Committee games – I like these but rarely get to play.

    PBEM – haven’t really done much since Paddy Griffith’s demise. Have a couple ideas of my own I will run shortly if I can find willing players/guinea pigs/victims.


    Mostly I think about playing all the above to be honest. Actually getting around to physically gaming seems increasingly difficult. I should have realised there were enough children in my life with me without having more.

    Not Connard Sage

    WRG Armour Infantry 1925-1950 (1973 edition not the unreadable unplayable 88 massacre)


    Not just me then. WTF was Barker thinking?


    …and to compound the crimes against wargaming, he did exactly the same with the Modern rules


    Occasionally look at the box of Squad Leader and wonder if thirty odd years have morphed its contents into anything playable, then experience too many shudders of horror to dare opening it.

    I’ve got a lot of boardgames like that. Most notably Third Reich…

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.


    War-games with my toy soldiers and board games, had a go at video gaming found it to much like work (several years in the RN).  So I do not play video games, though I understand why people play and enjoy them.

    Favorite board games, Kingmaker and Sea strike.  Favorite war-games, The Wargame, Rapid Fire, Charge and Jim Purky’s one page rules.

    Steve Johnson

    Wargames with minis by and large, but sometimes kreigspiel type blocks for forces I don’t have painted up (which is lots!). Current rules I enjoy are:

    – Bloody Big Battles for 19thC
    – Honours of War for 18thC
    – BKCII for SCW, AVBCW and WWII
    – Dux bellorum for 6thC – 9thC
    – Lion Rampant & Dragon Rampant for skirmish style games


    I play some wargames with miniatures. Not as many as I’d like, not nearly enough of what I actually want to. Right now I’m on a bit of a microarmour bent with A Fistful of TOWs again, but only 1 other guy is. Everyone else seems to be leaning towards going for 28mm moderns skirmish, but I am pretty bored of that due to having done it for years plus am unimpressed by the chosen game system (it’s not No End In Sight). That happens a lot, my fault for being picky and wanting to spend my time with games I think are good, not just ‘ok’, which has lead to me missing out on a lot of WW2 gaming because everyone else wanted to do Bolt Action and I kinda want something more …historical. But I’m also a long-term believer in that not playing is not worse than having a bad game.

    I play a lot of PC games with a wide but also kinda niche taste. In the past few months I have played Mordheim, Blood Bowl 2, Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, Doom, Shogun Total War (original and 2), Mechwarrior Online (surprised it’s taken me this long to get to it, was a bit of a mech-head back in the day), Eurotruck Simulator 2 (it was a bad week, ok?), Dropsy… other stuff too. It was sales season so there was (is still) a lot to get through.

    Russell Phillips

    …and to compound the crimes against wargaming, he did exactly the same with the Modern rules

    I had (probably still have) both editions of the modern rules. I remember reading the introduction to the second edition at a wargames show. I bought them, thinking they sounded fantastic, then started reading them when I got home. I don’t think I got more than about a quarter of the way through before I gave up.

    To answer the original question:

    Miniature wargames. Generally Cold War.
    Board games. Not usually board wargames, though.
    No video games for me.

    I don’t play any of them as often as I’d like 🙁

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    Table top war games. Some day when I can’t move troops I’ll try video games..till then, roll the dice!!

    Sane Max

    Miniature Wargames – BKCII, Hail Caesar,  Black Powder, Pike & Shotte, Fire & Fury, some DBA, AK47 First Ed, occasional Warmaster and rare games of WAB.

    RPG – AD&D, CoC

    Board Games – not very often – Space Hulk, Memoir 44, Kingmaker, Diplomacy

    Computer Games – None

    A Lot of Gaul

    To be honest, I don’t have a lot of free time at present, and most of the hobby time I do have is spent painting and basing miniatures. However, when I do play…

    Miniatures wargaming – Hail Caesar.

    Cheers, Scott


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    Miniatures – I love collecting, building and painting them from across many periods.  Lately, we’ve been having a good time with Star Wars Armada as the goto game in my house (the first miniatures game my wife has been willing to play more than once).   My regular club has been doing a lot of WWII using Battleground, not my preferred set.

    Boardgames – I love modern board games and have a lot of fun playing them.  It is easier to get friends to play board games, even non-gamers will participate in many.  My current favorites are Agricola, War of the Ring, Puerto Rico, Chaos in the Old World, Eclipse.



    My gaming is dominated by miniatures; WWII, Cold War, modern and sci-fi in the recent past.  I have a lot of colonials, but haven’t played in a few years. Rules are mostly homebrew.  I’m working on minis for Star Fleet Battles in miniature, and that is the only board game that I’ve played in the last 12 years or so.  My computer gaming is limited to World of Tanks.  Never got into card games, and haven’t touched RPGs in 28-29 years.


    My game time is pretty limited these days, but these are some of the games I’ve been playing recently:

    Miniatures: Dux Bellorum, Dux Britanniarum, Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant, Hail Caesar, Black Powder, BKC, CWC,

    Board Games: Risk, Advanced Squad Leader (I’m lying, I haven’t played this in years, but I used to play it regularly and I still absolutely love it).

    RPGs: Don’t play.

    Computer Games: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Civilization, Rome Total War

    I actually paint more than I game. I spend all this time carefully planning and designing armies, buying the figures, then creating elaborate unit stands and terrain pieces only to put them on the shelf and only play with them 1-2 times a year. Is that sad?

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    If it is sad, then I am sad too.


    Altius, at least you put yours on a shelf. Like you, I plan, paint, build, and then put everything into a box and pile them into the cupboard. I’ve got miniatures thar haven’t seen daylight in a decade. When I do game, it’s normally solo.
    Anyway, on the topic. I also do the following:

    Wargames: Operation Overlord, TSATF, a few of the Two Hour Wargames titles, No End In Sight, Warhammer 40K, Space 1889 Soldiers Companion, Ronin

    Boardgames: Zombies, Zombie Town, and The Walking Dead (a common theme with the Boardgames I enjoy)

    PC games: older turn-based strategy games: Jagged Alliance, Warlords, Combat Mission, stuff like that.

    RPGs: haven’t had a campaign in a few years (last was a D&D 3.5 campaign) but I played a lot of MERP and Star Wars d6 before that, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the hobby.

    Planning on putting together all the gear I need for a 2.5d solo dungeon crawl game to scratch the rpg-itch a little bit.

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    Mike Harrop

    Miniature Wargames – Battlegroup, KOW, 9th Age, Dragon Rampant, Frostgrave.


    Board games – Descent, D&D Adventure System, Dubgeon Command, Zombiecide


    RPGs – D&D, Werewolf, Warhammer Roleplay.


    Computer Games – I’ve not played a computer game in 6 years, despite only being in my 20s. I wasn’t raised playing them so I never got into computer of console gaming



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    Big Martin

    Largely into miniatures gaming. In 45 years or so “serious” gaming I’ve had a go at a lot of things. Recently it’s been a lot of Lion Rampant, with our first game of Dragon Rampant at my place last Sunday.

    A number of the others in the group are keen on Picquet. Not really my cup of tea but I’ll play.


    Tutenes? Atque cujus exercitus?

    craig cartmell

    Miniatures; In Her Majesty’s Name, Daisho, Blood Eagle, Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant (soon)

    Boardgames; In Her Majesty’s Name (as yet unreleased), Zombicide (modern & Black Plague)

    Video games; Not so much, the last one was Torchlight II

    RPG’s; Dead Simple, Dice Bucket (friend’s homebrew – actually a lot of fun)

    LARP: going to work each day and pretending I know what I am doing


    The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare


    Figure games – yes lots. Favourite period WW2, generally battalion/brigade level, but I do everything from Ancients ot Sci Fi. No particular favourite set of rules, they come and go.

    Board games – used to do a lot of boardgames, IIIR, SL, Hells Highway etc. Not so much these days, and those that I do, I often use figures instead of counters.

    Video games – generally console RPGs and shooters. Got bored with computer wargames and flight/tank sims some years ago, but used to do a lot including tournaments etc. Currently wading through GTAV again trying a different progression route. Next game up, Fallout 4, previous game, Alien Isolation, which was pretty mind blowing.

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    Miniature Wargaming: I was raised on WW2 20mm scale, but now I am gearing more towards 6mm Sci Fi. I also have a handful of 28mm Fantasy figures for Song of Blades and Heroes. No other particular sets of rules. I don’t know if WOTC Star Wars Miniatures counts here, but I used to play that online A LOT and even went to the USA to compete at GenCon.

    Boardgames: I will play anything really, but my collection consists of Smallworld, Memoir 44, Dominion, Dice Masters, Revolution among others. I would come along to play Eclipse if anyone offered too.

    Computer: I don’t do console games. My main game was Starcraft 2, but since starting a new career and having a baby I tend not to play any games. During school holidays I will load up some Age of Empires 2 or Galactic Civilisations 2, but that is because that is all my laptop will run. My gaming computer is broken. I had phases of World of Tanks and Planetside 2. Played a lot of Skyrum, Fallout: New Vegas, CS:GO, Diablo III. Just no time these days.

    Northern Monkey

    Miniatures: Epic, BKC, KR-16, Gruntz,, Warmaster, Impetus, Trafalgar, Rules of engagement, legend of the old west, X-wing, Wings of war- all reasonably regularly

    Boardgames: Richard III(my fave by far), Forbidden Stars, Pandemic, Zombies

    Xbox: just got back into this now the kids are bit older, still play my old games, GTA’s, Skyrim, Red Dead, Assassins creed Black flag, but mainly the Lego series with the kids

    RPG: WFRp, Cthulhu, Victoriana


    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/


    I’ve come back to wargames with miniatures after decades. Started out many moons ago with 20mm WW2 as a teen – then moved onto the likes of Panzer Blitz and Squad Leader boardgames. Then everyday life took over.

    I’ve come full circle – and gone somewhat overboard in the process. I did everything people warned against – instead of starting with some small units and working from there I’ve spent the last few months building up and painting half the soviet and german army in miniature… oops. The initial interest is with 6mm eastern front WW2 (early/mid) – armies, scenery and buildings. Almost ready to use with a couple of sets of rules I like the look and level of (Battlefront WW2 – mainly – unfortunately no one else uses these or seems to know about them so its gonna mainly be solo play. oops. There is also Battlegroup Kursk/Barbarosa – at another level – seems to be a lively forum and interest). The aim is to work through a few of the fine skirmish campaign scenarios properly (as opposed to piddling around as I have done so far) – re-vamped to fit the level of the ruleset.

    Other interests – SCW and VBCW have really caught my eye – especially VBCW – but that going to have to wait until a bit of gaming is out of the way. There’s also the question of scale – much as I like 6mm (and it fits with the tabletop paraphenalia I have…) I’m not sure potential opponants would be interested… Maybe that doesn’t matter though…


    Miniatures: Lots, when there aren’t severe work-enforced interludes: Polemos Napoleonics, HFG, WRG 1925-1950, Polemos ECW, DBA 3.0 and X-Wing are the ones getting most time at the moment.

    Boardgames: I use the Peninsular War boardgame “Tomb for an Empire” as the engine for my Peninsular War campaign. I like “Waterloo” and “Formula De”, my partner likes CSI and Yahtzee, my children love Heroquest.

    Computer Games: Mainly sport games (baseball, football, cricket). Some military games get a go every so often – IL2, War in the Pacific, Op Flashpoint, X-Wing/Tie-Fighter



    Toy soldiers games: Many, many different games, periods and rules

    Boardgames: Primarily Advanced Squad Leader . Also many Eurogames with Viking theme.

    PC games: GW2 but not a lot else. Don’t have much patience for PC games.

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    wargames (Force on Force, Sabre Squadron, Impetus)
    boardgames (Axis and Allies, Starcraft, Flight Leader, Tac Air, Risk, Battle of Britain, RoboRally)
    video games  (World of tanks, minecraft, clash of clans, Arma/Flashpoint, Airland, combat mission)

    ….Combat Mission

    You can play that by email – we should set something up.

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