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    I’ve been cleaning old miniatures for repainting in recent months, and was kind of surprised to find that I had stuff still in use dating back to 1982.

    I started miniatures gaming with WWII and Colonials back in the late 1970s, but haven’t gamed with any of that since probably early 1982.  Don’t have the colonial figs or rules anymore, but do have the 1/72 plastics and Panzertroops rules still floating around for WWII.

    My longest running genre and rules is Star Fleet Battles, which I started with miniatures in late 1982, though it isn’t primarily a miniatures game, and mostly we have played with counters.  My longest running pure miniatures period and rules is 1/285 Cold War, starting with CnC miniatures in spring of 1983, and have been gaming it with a continuously updated set of homebrew rules since September of that year.

    My current longest running game is my modern African imagi-nations campaign, which I started just about seven years ago. It took several months to get things to the table top, with the first battle in late 2009, and an average of only  three battles per year being fought.

    So I’m curious, what is your longest running miniatures period/rules/project?


    Not Connard Sage

    I’ve been playing Napoleonics since 1970, does that count?

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    Angel Barracks

    hmmm when I started Angel Barracks I started playing with Napoleonic figures and bought nothing else, just Naps exclusively for about 5 years straight.
    Now that AB is all sci-fi I have been playing sci-fi for about 4 years straight and buying nothing else.

    Since about 1990 I have only bought 6mm figures, prior to that I did buy some 28mm (ssssssh)

    So 26 years of only buying 6mm and longest period of only playing one game 5 years, but the sci-fi will out-do that.

    Guy Farrish

    Napoleonics since c1973 but I sold all my 1970s Minifigs and Hinchliffe figures about 8 years ago. Still playing but different figures (and rules)

    WWII – still got Leicester Micro models 1/300 tanks (and some early H&R) from 1974- haven’t played with them for about 25 years  – thinking about it though.  Still use the WRG rules from that period but with 15mm figures for late WWII company level actions. Moved to 1/200 for early war in the early 90s using home brew rules – using Blitzkrieg Commander now.

    About eight years ago found a (large!) box of some painted, some unpainted 25mm Italian wars figures from the late 70s  in storage, painted them up and play Impetus with them now, together with lots of newer figures. Some of the newer figures obviously come from areas where the agriculture is more advanced than where the Hinchliffe figures did, but it works for me.


    TSTF Sudan.  Since the rules first came out. I can’t count that high.

    Neil Scott

    It would have to be my Marlburian collection. Still game with it and always adding new units. Been going nearly 3o years

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    20mm WW2 using the Airfix Guide rule set. That began in about 1994 perhaps at the tender age of 7? Since then I have collected rule sets, took a hiatus from 2001-2012 (while still looking at rules) and have since carried on with my WW2. I recently branched out into 6mm Sci Fi and have more rules sets than I know what to do with. I feel like Sci Fi is what will carry me on with the hobby for the foreseeable future.


    For a single project, I’ve been on my current Dux Bellorum “Early Dark Age” kick for 2+ years now. I’m up to 4 complete armies and game-specific terrain within the DB canon, but it is also inspiring several spinoffs for me. These are side projects that use the same rules, basing or period. The period has interested me since I started playing wargames in the 80s, but it’s only now that I’ve worked on it with such single-minded focus, however.

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    I’ve been playing WW2 NWE since the late 60s/early 70s. I still have some of the original toys, and yes, they do get played with from time-time.

    More regular outings are had by some of my original micro-armour (Skytrex, Leicester etc) from the mid 70s. The tanks are awful but I still use the trucks and half tracks, and I’ve got some beter stuff form the late 70s including some GHQ tanks and SPs that I still use. I also still use all my 6mm Napoleonics from the mid 70s. H&R. I had to repaint the Voltigeurs plumes a few years back as the yellow had faded to a sort of dull ochre.

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    Shaun Travers

    I am like Tim and Martin but at a later date – started 20mm WW2 in 1980 and am still using the toys I used then…and obviously others I have acquired since then. Some of the ones from the early 80’s have been on the table just about once every year for the last 30 tears.


    I suppose my second longest running project would be Spencer Smith 18th century plastic, originally bought some in 1977 and have finally got around to finishing some in 2015.  Still WIP.

    Then there is 25mm medieval started project 1978, several hundred painted still WIP. (Using Hinchcliffe, Minifigs, Garrison and similar)

    Not forgetting WW2 started 1970ish still WIP.(They keep producing really nice 20mm stuff).

    A Lot of Gaul

    I have been playing Ancients in general, and Caesar’s Gallic Wars in particular, for more than 30 years, using in succesion at least 20 different rule sets. The one that I have enjoyed playing for the longest time also happens to be my current favorite: Hail Caesar, at nearly 5 years and still going strong.


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    The Gorb

    I play in a long running fantasy miniatures campaign called “Falmurth”.

    We try to play at least once a year.

    This past November was the 40th annual battle, though I must admit that my first year playing wasn’t until 1982.

    Regards, The Gorb

    Left Hand Miniatures
    Graydon Gorby, Owner


    I honestly have no idea. My group bounces around between games so much I can’t think of anything I’ve been doing for even 4 years.


    Eight years for my 6mm Peninsular War things. Apart from some Heroquest stuff, I don’t think I kept anything from my 80s childhood gaming.



    15mm Laserburn from the early to mid-80s. Not entirely sure when I got them but I do know it was before I went to university in ’85. I still have and use the same figures. Some of them have only recently been painted, while others are still not painted! A lot of them also need stripping and repainting because the fashionable gloss varnish from that time has gone opaque and yellow. I’m even expanding the Laserburn forces to use with Gruntz for an occasional change of pace from Laserburn/Imperial Commander.

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