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    Darkest Star Games

    Just wondering what everyone’s largest gaming mini is.  I just finished construction of a 1/400 scale Musai Cruiser from Gundam, and the sucker is over 20″ long!  Though it is not the largest model I have built, it is indeed that largest single playable miniature I will have had on the table to this point.  (Fortifications don’t count!)

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    I have a 54mm Zeus. I feel inadequate now 🙁



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    This scratch build Ork Gargant  stands over 2 foot tall, would be largest single piece, closely followed by the Emperor Titan.


    I have a GZG shuttle/dropship in 25/28mm scale that is large and hefty……about 16″ long. ……..I also have a cargo ship for my 20mm piracy games that is about a yard in length…….

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    Hmmm. Not as large as some here. Probably my 15mm VSF landship, but thats only about 12 inches long. Now, if we were talking terrain or buildings…

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    Not counting terrain I don’t think I have anything bigger than a dreadnought from Dystopian Wars that is maybe 6-8″ long. I know my biggest figures are 28mm Late Roman cataphracts.

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    Nothing impressive. A tiny 28mm scout aeronef from Ironclad Miniatures that I never finished painting and have never gamed with might be it. In most of my gaming pursuits, compactness is a watchword due to lack of space.

    EDIT: That is to say, it’s tiny for an aeronef, disregarding scale. It’s still a big miniature by my standards. I bought it mainly to use as a stationary terrain piece because my typical gaming areas aren’t big enough to accommodate it as a mobile, flying vehicle.

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    15mm T-35.


    Tyranid carnifex,

    equalled by a Lizardman Stegadon:

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    Probably my German Zeppleblimp:

    A 28mm German airship for my Victorian adventure games.  Some of the ships might be a little longer, but don’t have the displacement.

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    My biggest single piece is probably the Star Wars miniature game AT-AT, standing about 14″ high.

    I have got a 50 CM tall ZAKU II, but I’d not call that one a gaming miniature, unless I can find an empty soccer field…

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