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    Basically what the topic label says… what Power level are all y’all playing the new WH40K at? I am interested in trying the new rules and I can field 50PL for a few forces from stuff I still have kicking around. But how small can the games go before it starts breaking down? You know, just to get a fell for the new rules?


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    I cannot help much, but the intro game we played was about 1500 points in point systems per side, and it was a good fun game that lasted about one hour. Power level wise I do not remember the level but I can describe the two armies
    Chaos Army

    Magnus the Red
    10 Thousand Son Marines

    10 Thousand Son Marines


    5 Thousand Son Terminators


    Space Marines

    1 Librarian

    1 Captain

    10 Marines and Rhino

    10 Marines and Rhino


    5 Terminators

    6 Devastators

    5 Scouts with sniper rifles

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    People putting battle reports on youtube are finding they get a good full game experience at 50 power level and a large game where big things like knights and big tanks start to work well is at around 100.

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    We play from 35-50 and have a great time.

    A “proper” battle is about twice that, but the rules work remarkably well for smaller games,we find.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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