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    Avatar photoFrog

    Like the title says.




    For big battles (big being a relative term for the AWI and the ’45): Flint & Steel.


    Skirmish: This Very Ground.


    Naval: Ship O’ the Line (the miniatures version of Wooden Ships & Iron Men, which actually pre-dates the board game).

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    Avatar photowillz

    I am using Charles Grant “The Wargame” or Brigadier Peter Young’s “Charge” at the moment.  I am having a look at “Honor’s of War”.

    To night my gaming buddy Andy and me are having a game using “The Wargame” rules.

    Avatar photoHenry Hyde

    My own Shot, Steel & Stone as published in The Wargaming Compendium.

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    Avatar photoHwiccee

    I use a variety depending on the type of game I want.

    For GNW I use the Polemos rules for large battles. A modified set of ECW rules for smaller actions. I have also been tweaking the Twilight of the Sun King rules for this war.

    For WSS it is the same modified ECW rules for smaller actions and Twilight of the Sun King rules for large battles. I also have tried a variant of the SYW rules below for this period with some success.

    For WAS/SYW it is the forthcoming Polemos rules generally. But I also use the old The Wargame/Charge rules on occasion.

    I don’t play so much AWI nowadays but I still play Loose Files and American Scramble from time to time.

    Avatar photopiers brand

    Maurice mainly.


    Occasionally British Grenadier and Blackpowder for large games.

    Avatar photoEtranger

    Carnage and Glory, the computer moderated set. I’ve also got Sam M’s Maurice which I’m planning on trying out soon.

    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    Maurice. Does everything we want it to, and we always have great fun playing it.

    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Still using Might & Reason


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    Avatar photoHenry Hyde

    Still using Might & Reason Might as well, no reason not to…

    That, Monsieur le Sage, might be considered reasonably humorous.

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    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    Dunno about that Henry. I was getting me coat as I typed it 🙂

    Obvious contrarian and passive aggressive old prat, who is taken far too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others.

    Avatar photoIain Burt

    I am mostly using Henry’s rules. I’m also rather fond of Rank and File.

    Avatar photoSparker

    Maurice as its popular at my Uni club and seems to work well with our 10mil collection. Though I daresay if SYW 28mil plastics ever take off my usual megalomania will kick in and I’ll have to use Black Powder for mega games….

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    Avatar photoAdam Hayes

    Piquet: Cartouche 2 for most battles. Donnybrook for skirmishes and Beneath the Lily Banners for Marlburian and Great Northern War.

    Avatar photoBlackhat

    Beneath the Lily Banners for WSS – it works and gives a good game.


    Avatar photogreenknight4

    40mm Horse and Musket Games

    Currently I only game with 40mm figures by Trident and Sash and Sabre.  I use the Command and Colors Napoleonic rules modified for AWI or SYW.  If you are familiar with Volley and Bayonet I play at the level where a single base equals a half a battalion.  I use 120mm x 25mm stands and place 5, 6 or 7 figures depending on their over all order.  The C&C cards and dice make for a fast and fun game.  For convention games I use a Hotz Matt cloth done in 5″ hexes.  At home I play with inches.

    Guilford Courthouse Game

    My scenario ignores the first line and starts as the British approach the second.

    40mm Seven Years Wars

    I used Command and Colors for the rules but went with a squared table top.


    Author of Day of Battle, I game in 25mm and 40mm scales. Also enjoy Horse and Musket and WWII Western Front Games.

    Avatar photowillz

    Thanks Green Knight a couple of lovely looking games.

    Avatar photoColin Ashton

    Black Powder for AWI and SYW/WAS. Suitably tweaked and played in the spirit of the period they work really well.

    Avatar photoBuff Orpington

    Henry’s rules for large, multi player games.

    Long Rifle for F&IW skirmish and I intend to use Muskets & Tomahawks for medium sized 28 mm games.

    Avatar photoTruscott Trotter

    Muskets and Tomahawks for Skirmish level up to 40 -50 figures per side (although we have done larger multi-player games)
    Looking at Black Powder variants for larger games although willing to consider other suggestions

    Avatar photoSteve Burt

    Maurice for army level, Muskets & Tomahawks for French & Indian War skirmishes and raids.

    Avatar photowillz

    I know commenting on how good rules are is a subjective mater, but what’s “Maurice” rule set like to play.  Could I play it on a club evening in 4 hours.

    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    Yes, easily William. We ran a campaign at club nights for quite a while, I don’t recall any game not getting finished, and we typically start at between 6 and 7 and end by around 10. There’s a review of the rules on my blog somewhere (click on the link in my sig below, then click on the Maurice tab at the right hand side and it should lead you to several AARs and the review I did).

    Avatar photoJohn Watts

    For the really big battles we use Age of Honor, the second son of F&F – though we have used it successfully for battles as small as Chotusitz. For smaller battles, it really depends on the particular war. The Spanish Succession gets Ga Pa, or if we want something simpler Marlbrook s'en va-t-en guerre', a hefty conversion of an unplayable set published in Henry's old magazine.  For the 7YW and WAS  we use Rank and File with home-grown command and manouevre rules to make the whole affair more ponderous, and for AWI eitherLoose Files and American Scramble’ or `British Grenadier!’

    Avatar photowillz

    Cheers Nick, that was an informative and useful report.

    Avatar photoGoldwyrm

    I run games with Blackpowder with LAoK supplement for SYW and Imaginations, soon to be using it for AWI after I pick up the newest book.

    With the locals I also play OGABAS (Oh God Anything but a Six) for Imaginations, a variant of Shako for SYW, and The British are Coming for AWI.

    Avatar photoOldNick

    I play 25/28mm American Rev. War with “loose files and American Scramble.”  Picked them up in first issue of wargames illustrated and never looked backed.  While most of the time I used 20mm figures from Frying Pan and Blanket I have recently converted over to 25/28mm from Perry snd especially Fife and Drum miniatured

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    Avatar photoPijlie

    We have played a lot of Muskets & Tomahawk for skirmish level games and Black Powder for AWI and Imaginations big battles. Good use of the Useful Rules in BP gives a good result for the period (although opinions tend to differ rather strongly sometimes). I played Maurice a few times, which worked out well.


    Avatar photoKeith Flint

    For the type of games I like, Blackpowder with a few period tweaks (not necessarily those in Last Argument of Kings) is my favourite commercial set. I am a fan of the simple but lively game.

    William, in your first post you mention Honor’s of War. Would that by any chance be Honours of War? Not trying to score points here, I merely seek clarification!

    Avatar photowillz

    Yes Keith that would be “Honours of War” my bad spoiling is blame

    Avatar photoCaesar Anderson


    Avatar photoAlan Gruber

    You can’t beat Charge or the Grant ones…

    Avatar photoJeff Glasco

    For big battles, I use Volley & Bayonet; simple but not simplistic and produces historical results. For battles where an infantry unit is a battalion, I use Piquet Cartouche 2 (which I helped with); lots of fun to play, good for solo, and seems like the period in History it is representing. For skirmish games, I like Two Hour Wargames’ Long Rifle rules; I think the Two Hour Wargame’s system is excellent. I have also played and enjoyed Might & Reason by Sam Mustafa, which I might use for a larger scale imagi-nation project someday.


    Avatar photoBrendan Morrissey

    British Grenadier for larger AWI battles, Sharp Practice for smaller ones.

    General de Brigade and Sharp Practice for anything French Revolutionary.

    Charles Grant Snr’s The Wargame (combined with his son’s two scenario books and two uniform books) for WSS.

    Not quite 18th Century, but Field of Glory Renaissance and the Duty & Glory army lists supplement for late 17th Century.

    Avatar photoMeic Kelly

    Black Powder for AWI, will give Black Powder and Beneath the Lily Banners a go for WSS when I get some painted up.

    Like Muskets and Tomahawks for skirmish. Also have a copy of Maurice but haven’t played them yet.

    Donnybrook look interesting, have a copy but not managed to game yet.



    Command Base http://meicwargames.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoFat Wally

    ‘British Grenadier’ for AWI and ‘Die Kriegskunst’ for SYW

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    Avatar photorepiqueone

    My group uses Die Fighting II for the WSS using the Linear Warfare Template.   Several AARs are to be found at http://www.repiquerules.com/page2/page2.html

    Avatar photoWill McNally

    Own rules for the AWI and Black Powder for SYW.

    Avatar photoJohn Yates

    For the WSS I use Beneath the Lily Banners, 28mm Ebor.

    For the SYW I use Honours of War, 10mm Pendraken.

    The honours of War rules are being play tested before publishing and give a real feel for the period. Yahoo Groups honoursofwar if you fancy a look.



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    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Black Powder for me, really to minimise the amount of rulesets that I have to remember.

    Avatar photoMike Turner

    Skirmish – Muskets and Tomahawks

    SYW – Die Kriegskunst and Black Powder’s LAoKs – both rulesets have the same basing!

    DKK is good for smaller fights, LAoK is good for big multi-player





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