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    William Jones

    In terms of projects that are actually under way?  In order, this is my lineup:

    1. I’ve got 15mm QRF ChiCom infantry and NKPA mortar teams getting painted now, with a slight hiccup as to colors for the NKPA.  I found some museum uniforms with an off-white color that would be very impressive, but I think they are post-war replicas which are incorrect as to color.  The QRF minis clean up very easily and are a snap to paint, with a lot of character.  The number of poses is a bit limited though, so they will be augmented with Khurasan and Quality Casting eventually.  For US and ROK forces, it is QRF or go home for the Korean War, although US WWII in greatcoats could be worked in.  Resistant Roosters has a nice line of those.
    2. Three dozen or so Peter Pig AK47 war infantry that are just a couple of washes away from being finished.  They will be for a dictator faction and are largely inspired by the 1970’s era Egyptian army.
    3. A couple each of 15mm JS3s, BRDM2s and SU76s.  The SU76s are for the Korean War, the others for the AK47 Wars dictator army.  These too are almost finished.
    4. Two Dragons Normans.  These were acquired on a whim and were dismissed for years.  Looking closely at them, at second glance they have at least as much vigor and dash as any other line.  They’ll be a treat for December.
    5. ORC! ORC! ORC!  Some 25-30mm GW and Wargames Factory plastics are in the queue for Kings of War.  I much prefer the feel of the Wargames Factory models, but they are so much smaller than the GW orcs that they are probably incompatible.  Mantic orcs are somewhere in the middle so they might be able to pull them together.  Unlikely though, as the models are so disparate in size.

    Sometime in January, 6mm is going to get some love.  Whether Napoleonics, FPW, or WWI remains to be seen.  Probably WWI.

    So what campaigns are underway on your benches?


    It’s all 15mm as that is the only size/scale I game in but……Every thing from WW1 to Ultra Modern. Just painted 1 M-1 and 5 Bradly’s.

    1. Beyond the Gates of Antares, specifically the plastic figures from the Xilos Horizon box. I’ve gradually made the decision to commit to this game. I’m still lukewarm to the Concord figures that make up the majority of the figures in the box (they’re a bit “plain vanilla”) but the Ghar are cool, and the rulebook is a high-production-value delight. Going to get some Freeborn and Isorians eventually (those two factions are my main reason for being into the game), but for now it’s just the Concord and Ghar plastics on my workbench.
    2. A sci-fi urban gang war project that’s like a homebrewed, somewhat less grimdark version of Necromunda or less cartoonish version of Judge Dredd. I’ve just spend quite a bit of money on some rather “upmarket” figures for this project (including Heresy not-Delaques and Urban War VASA for cops) so I’m feeling the pressure to make it all count. Strangely that pressure is making me more lethargic, not more driven.
    3. A slow-cooking jungle terrain project. Doing a very little bit every day – a small plant here, a few leaves or fronds there. The intentional slowness of this project is actually quite pleasant. Feels good for the soul, you know? I may keep it up for years.
    4. A desert board (made of 30 x 30 cm tiles) and cliffs to go with it. The cliffs are taking me forever – didn’t really choose the most expedient method for making them.
    5. Some experimental Frostgrave-themed stone buildings and ruins. I may just bin them before they’re even finished because they’re not shaping up to a decent standard, but that was kind of the idea from the start. As I said, they’re just experimental. I mainly just want to get a feel for how to model archaic stone masonry and the sort. Been watching the Harry Potter films and the Minas Tirith / Osgiliath scenes from the Lord of the Rings films for inspiration and guidance on what high fantasy stone architecture ought to look like. I can’t help but associate Frostgrave with the holiday season which is why I’m doing this project right now. I may just let it drift off after crimbo, we’ll see…

    6mm modern Egyptians is currently on the table, terrain included. Thread for that is over on the moderns board so I won’t waffle about it here.

    Following that, Rogue Trader era space marines is still ongoing. Done a whole load of painting and building on that so it’s in that state of a lot of it being done and a lot of it…not. Plenty of different things in it to paint though, and the stuff is generally pretty easy to work on.

    Got some 15mm urban terrain that needs more working on, forces too but things are stalling that. Long, slow project anyway mostly done because it’s something I want to rather than expecting to get games out of it at this point with everyone (including myself) being distracted by many other things.

    And all this working on microarmour related things of late has got me tempted to work on my old 6mm projects of West Germans and Czechoslovakians. Needs a mess of IFVs and tanks to round out stuff, mostly on the German side.

    And there’s probably stuff I need to do to my 28mm modern Russians given my regular opponent has just beefed up his Chechen force again.

    Well, I’m really not short of things to do at least, just time/capability to do them.



    Otto Schmidt
    1. Repairing my convention torn up 30 years War figures (25mm minifigs and hinchcliffe) and rebasing them (on big bases, 60 figures on a stand 36 pike, 32 musketeers. Some in block formations, some in Swedish “crosses.)

    2. Four regiments of Cavalry for my Imagi-Nation 7 Years War Armies. 30mm Surens and Staddens. Als0 two regiments of Turkish Infantry, 18th century,  Two coaches for the headquarters stands which are mini-dioramas for use in the battle. Three regiments of infantry one for Flounce (France) one for The Grand Duchy of the Grand Duke of Gorgonzola, and four my between the wars 20mm, four heavy mortars, four light artillery and four medium artillery for Bandrika, all scratch built.

    3. Salacian War Elephants for my Ancient armies (25-28mm). This is a huge project of 12 elephants all of which are serious conversions and a lot of modeling.

    Each elephant is named and has a different scene on it.

    Rubadubdub has a hot tub instead of a Howdah with two guys in Turbans and two babes soaking in the tub (scratch build like a huge barrel. The Driver has a towel rack and there is a keg of beer with a pump on one corner.

    Partianimal- Howdah with an old Der Kriegspieler Harradrim figure manning a hibachi with two hot babes drinking wine, and another one tossing a salad.

    Whamboppawham.  A band from the old converted Harradrim, including a drummer and on a platform above the howdah, a stripper-pole dancer.

    Mr. Peanut- A normal war elephant except that a Mr. Peanut figure is dangling from a rope on a long pole held by the driver.

    Gottagogottagogottago- a normal Howdah and crew except for a short catwalk and a platform behind  which has an outhouse on it.

    eight others.

    4. Amazon Army  with dinosaurs



    15mm cavemen
    15mm VSF adventurers
    A couple of scratchbuilt VSF vehicles.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    Hey Paul, I have the old Irregular Tusk 15mm Cavemen.

    Steve Johnson

    10mm AVBCW bits’n’bobs

    6mm KR-16 Juraped riders and dismounted option

    10mm AWI/Imagi-Nation forces that are about to be rebased. Luckily I haven’t gone too far down the road of basing them all…


    Kyoteblue – the ones I have are Rebel Minis, but I’ve been eyeing out Irregular Minis and Khurasan for different caveman tribes (because cavemen can’t fight dinosaurs only). How do Irregulars size up against Rebel Minis? I suppose, though, small differences don’t matter when your minis are armed with sticks.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    I think they would be ok, the Tusk line is one of the better scrupled lines Irregular make.


    Great, thanks, will keep them in mind when I expand my prehistoric forces.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    6mm inspired by Dune (and the Dune 2000 video game) sci fi and desert terrain. Hopefully the terrain will then morph into something vaguely Tunisian for 6mm WW2.

    Rebasing my 15mm Vlad army for KOW historical.


    Oh no! Now I have an overwhelming desire to start collecting and gaming 10mm AVBCW and 6mm Dune.

    I’ve got to stop reading the internet…

    1.  Two Romulan Sparrowhawk cruisers for Star Fleet Battles
    2. Two Reaper post-apoc survivors, and one Moonraker PA scavenger.
    3. 15x 1/285 BT-8 Russian tanks for Ebay.
    4. 28mm scratch-built PA blockhouse/outpost.
    5. three 28mm scratch-built ork transports/trucks.
    6. two 28mm scratch-built  sci-fi/PA armored cars.
    7. two 28mm scratch-built sci-fi/PA APCs.

    There is a heap of other things, but those are actually getting worked on day to day.


    1) A semi-modular swamp terrain feature, which is turning out nicely so far.

    2) Sub-Roman Brits and early Saxons based individually for Dux Brittaniarum. I should have two complete armies finished by February.

    3) Some sci-fi troops for a friend.

    4) Some very, very nice steampunk figures for another friend.

    Where there is fire, we will carry gasoline


    All periods in history and fantasy in 28mm…




    Lagartija Mike

    After over a year of grandiose half-assing I’ve declared ’16 to be YEAR ZERO for getting shit done. One army every two months, no repainting and remodding.

    First up is a 17th century Rūmeli Ottoman army with a heavy presence of Balkan gonüllü and other irregulars to bolster the degenerate Jannisaries and Sipahis.


    Sounds like fun Lagartija Mike, what size/scale ???


    I’ve got a bunch of 54mm, some Imperial Assualt (for someone else), some WW1 ships (again, for someone else).

    All to be put aside in a panic as I am running our club’s Xmas game on 21st December this year which is to be Gangsters – already had 11 people say yes. I need to paint some more gangsters and get a couple more buildings painted!


    Black Hat Miniatures -

    Northern Monkey
    1. 6mm Sci-fi/Post apoc/Star wars stuff
    2. 6mm Epic Imperial Guard
    3. 1/1200th Napoleonic Naval
    4. 6mm Dark Ages
    5. 28m Skeletons
    6. 6mm Old West

    1,3 & 5 all but finished

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Lagartija Mike

    Thanks, Kyote! It’s in 28mm, the ones I’m working on now are from TAG’s Renaissance range but I’m looking around at other ranges to add to the mix. After I finish my Osmanlis I’m starting on a complimentary 17th century Mughal-Rajput army because I feel an uncharacteristic need to for dayglo armored elephants. Once that’s done I’ll finish my winter queue with 16th century Uzun Hasan Aq-qoyunlu Turks and a Baibars Mamlûk force with Wafidiyah Mongols and remnant Ayyubid qaraghûlams. By then I should be well burnt out on Islamic cavalry armies and can free up some headspace for a projected Tetzcocan/Huaxteca/Totonac thing and maybe even something prosaically European.

    Mike Harrop


    6mm WW2 Germans, Soviets and now Americans and weird WW2
    28mm Cult TV, GI Joe Cobra Tanks, weird WW2


    6mm Railways, linear obstacles, burnt out AFVs
    28mm Villains secret lair/Nazi superscience bunker


    "This lighthouse is under attack, and by morning we may all be dead!" The 4th Doctor - Horror of Fang Rock


    Just posted a shot of my painting/building table on Facebook. I’m Jonathan Keepers in Oklahoma USA….why yes it’s a mess…..


    In order of importance…

    1) 6mm MDF Napoleonic French and British armies for Black Powder.
    2) 3mm Napoleonic armies for Blucher
    3) 2mm Napoleonic armies for Blucher (don’t ask… they were already painted and only needed to be rebased so why not?)
    4) 3mm Ogre Miniatures and other sci-fi stuff.

    Those are the active projects at the moment.

    Inactive projects include 3mm moderns and WWII, 15mm Quar and 15mm Ancients/Fantasy.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Bloody hell! 15mm Quar! I forgot there’s 15mm Quar.

    This thread will be my death 


    Far too much as ever………

    A pile of Britannia Miniatures 20mm Vietnam figures and vehicles, all reinforcements to significantly boost existing platoon strength collection.

    A full battery of S-300 SAM launchers and command vehicles to paint, support trucks and liaison vehicles……all  1/72 scale, mostly diecasts……..

    A variety of African rebels/militia/army figures to base and varnish-just finished painting them! ( Lib Minis & Irregular Minis)

    A bunch of 20mm Liberation figures to paint as ‘contractors’…………

    Half a dozen spaceships and a station for Full Thrust……

    Lucky if I clear the tray before Crimble……….

    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

    William Jones

    A full battery of S-300 SAM launchers and command vehicles to paint, support trucks and liaison vehicles……all 1/72 scale, mostly diecasts……..

    Do you use a table or a tennis court?    That will be a stunning project.

    William Jones

    Bloody hell! 15mm Quar! I forgot there’s 15mm Quar. This thread will be my death


    But you’ll die happy, yes?


    Bloody hell! 15mm Quar! I forgot there’s 15mm Quar. This thread will be my death

    But you’ll die happy, yes?

    It will have to be a closed casket funeral because I’ll look like one of those Smilex poison victims from the old Tim Burton Batman movie.

    Shaun Travers

    I have been promising to do this for years and finally started about one month ago.  I have about 20 drawers full of my ancient/medieval 15mm figures.  Each  drawer has roughly a DBM-sized army.  Over the years they have suffered some damage, and some came with them when I bought the figures (already painted).    I am going through drawer by drawer fixing up those things needing fixing – mostly spears but some rebasing, some straightening of figures, some bases require (re-)flocking etc.  I am doing drawer number 5 right now. I will be happy if I get through a drawer a fortnight, but some might go very faster as there is very little work for some. and the Christmas break hopefully will let me get though some faster too.

    I am also painting up some 6mm buildings ready for some more 6mm ww2 action and I have about 250 remaining 15mm painted ancient figures I have acquired over the years that need basing.

    And then I will start on finishing off my 20mm ww2 armies – they also needs some fix up and I have about 25 vehicles that need painting.

    I tthink 2016 is going to be light on for playing games while I finish most of this.  i say most, as I don’t think I will actually finish!.  Especially as I know new projects will call.  For instance, yesterday a package of my first 6mm ancients arrived.  Always wanted some and finally got some cheaply off ebay (some painted, some not).  And I have also this week acquired some old painted and half-painted GW Orcs and Empire figures from a guy a work.  My first fantasy figures.  So already the chance is looking like zero of finishing fixups by the end of 2016.


    Curently working on 6mm Robotech and 28mm Judge Dredd.

    I also have 6mm Punic Wars as well as 6mm Starship Troopers that get some attention every once in a while.

    Andrew Bruce

    Oh no! Now I have an overwhelming desire to start collecting and gaming 10mm AVBCW and 6mm Dune. I’ve got to stop reading the internet…

    Some great figures available in this scale now

    Take care


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