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    Avatar photoAlbert of Winterpig

    Hot off my workbench as finished. Which despite the ‘uge Indian Army posted elsewhere is most unlike me.


    May I present, Chopper Witch, ANcient Genie and a beastman/broo trumpeter!




    The picture is a bit grainy but I am happy with the results so far.


    Great job.

    Mick Hayman
    Margate and New Orleans

    Avatar photoMike

    Cool beans everyone!

    Almost finished some more undead cavalry for my wifes army.

    Her necromancer can summon a familiar and as we had no models ready last game we now have one, a black goat called Phillip.

    Also working on another vampire and some more headstones/gravestones.

    Plus I have finally started on the base for the windmill.

    Avatar photoAlbert of Winterpig

    all I can say is… Hi Phillip!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’m working on 3mm scale 40K figures, as well as proxies from Vanguard, which I plan to play using their own partner system “MicroCosmic.” It’s an elegant little system. I also got an airbrush for Christmas and it is basically the greatest enhancement to my gaming life since I bought a game table three years ago. Really a great amenity! Basecoating is wonderful – you get really lovely cover and a tight, smooth surface I never had before. Great rendition of detail. And no VOCs, either!

    Avatar photoTony S

    How do you find the cleaning of the airbrush?  I heard that can be annoyingly tedious, but that might be something I try and convince myself of, since I don’t own one!

    But my friend does, and his armour camo looks amazing!

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I actually find it relaxing, rather like cleaning a gun. Which you may or may not know about. But it’s a precisely made piece of equipment, and with proper equipment and cleaners, it doesn’t take any more time or effort than properly cleaning a brush, really.

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’ll add this though: it’s taking a lot of practice to learn how to prime with it, and as I’m painting a lot of 3D prints which (as it turns out) are very slightly porous, this is a necessity. I discovered this fact after I unthinkingly dropped a handful in my cleaning bucket and they came out all soft and floppy, although they look like they may re-harden as the cleaner evaporates out of them again. Lesson learned.

    Regardless, white primer is a bear to apply, I’m finding. Black primer is more successful and the survface is very tight, but I’m not certain it will give me the vibrant colors I want in my base coat, but I’m trying it anyway.

Viewing 8 posts - 561 through 568 (of 568 total)
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