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    Avatar photoNorm S

    28mm Perry plastic French Hussars – just 8 of them. I had been dreading these, with all the lace. It turns out the lace is not such a big deal, it is just the wide range of colours and details that need painting that are not so much skill based, but rather time based.

    20 x Perry 28mm Duchy of Warsaw have marched off to the basing department.

    Academy do a 1/72 plastic kit set containing a jeep, kubelwagen and a Kettenkrad. These are pretty quick to build. It is the latter that has caught my eye and I am making it up for a small vignette, with some fuel drums and ammo crates, suggesting a forward supply stash.

    Avatar photoOotKust

    It turns out the lace is not such a big deal, it is just the wide range of colours

    Thats why they invented dry brushing Norm- light brush strokes, gradually darken the lace to provide the contrast of colours. Not that hard really…

    Avatar photoOlaf Meys

    A bunch of Vikings, mostly Victrix, just needing a coat of varnish to seal them off. Intended mainly for WAB, but will work for whatever system is needed.

    Viking warbands

    3*24 Viking warbands,

    VIking archers and skirmishers and characters

    2*16 Viking archers, 2*12 Viking javelinmen, and 22 characters.

    wargames review site...

    Avatar photoOotKust


    Updated post above with pics of the snails pace painting mentioned…

    👨🏻 d

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    This weekend is the midpoint of two extremely long workweeks punctuated by about 5000 miles of business travel. But I have the weekend off and I plan to paint… once I get an air conditioner in my studio, because damn.

    This weekend I have been induced by a friend at my club to paint an “actual” Legions Imperialis force at 8mm scale, by him providing it to me. I got some lovely Vanguard warstalkers to act as my Titans, so I’m ready to go there. I also picked up a lovely set of the new 3mm scale Undead army from Microworld and they are on the table too. I need the quiet contemplation of a weekend of painting and audiobooks before I jet off again on Monday at the crack of dawn.

    Avatar photoOotKust

    Palette Painting since 1977

    In an annoyingly simple exercise, after last weeks frustration of computer/ net ills, here’s all thats happened, or not, a record of an artifact palette probably begun in 1977 in Christchurch, and in semi-continuous use, or storage, in Auckland, ever since.

    The primary (not Primary) colours of black, white  and red have been shaved down a few times so the contours largely mimic a volcanic landscape. The base is a random left over piece of ‘solid core fibre’ cardboard- a long in the tooth complex product of the prolific paper industry (ie wood products).

    That’s several generations of paint, with defiant Humbrols on the bottom, and from the mid-eighties a series of Polly-S, Tamiya (a little) and HobbyLobby acrylics (bought in LA in 2002- my last overseas jaunt.

    Bottom of the palette is the home made turquoise from Jonathan G.s description for Russian Jaeger.
    I hope to do a little painting again soon, with the computer woes behind us… cheers

    from a chilly Winter!

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Working on a barricade for my Stirland lads for WFB 3rd edition.



Viewing 7 posts - 601 through 607 (of 607 total)
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