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    Nathaniel Weber

    We are most of us busy with our real lives: work, family, commutes, and more—so where do you find your time for gaming, painting, etc.?

    I can, with some planning, carve out a couple Saturday afternoons or Friday evenings a month for a wargame.  Once or twice a week (at least during the school year—I teach college US history) I can get an hour in the evening, or on an occasional Saturday or Sunday afternoon, to paint in a more concerted fashion.

    This semester, however, I have been able to remain moderately productive by getting up a bit earlier on workday mornings and doing something wargaming-related for a half hour before I need to get ready for the commute, take out the dogs for bathroom breaks, and change and dress The Boy for his day at grandma’s.

    With this 20-30 minutes a morning, four mornings a week, I have been able to paint miniatures (actually finishing a small pile of 28mm fantasy and several platoons of 20mm Vietnam), prep miniatures (cleaning and assembling 50+ 28mm Japanese for the Sengoku Jidai), and wrap up the basing for a bunch of different figures (applying flock and static grass). I’ve also used it to read wargaming rules and smash out some ideas for scenarios and rules on my laptop.

    Not only has this 20-30 minutes in the morning helped me continue my wargaming productivity and get projects closer to completion*, it also helps put me in a good mood for the day, and I’ve found I’m more productive with grading, lecture writing, etc.**

    So when do you find time for wargaming?


    *well, closer to not being completely incomplete

    **note that I post this during the work day, so take what I say with caution

    Darkest Star Games

    Lately I have been having a tough time.  My wife has been working nights for a few years, and that had been giving me free time a lot of eves after getting everyone fed and the house cleaned up during the summer.  But with school in full swing I find myself more a taxi service once home from work than having free time.  I’ve also had a bit of a lack of motivation, coupled with a few friends talking me into some fun video games which are a lot easier to slot into the breaks I have.

    Now, that said: I have been able to get some 3d work and some painting done, which I need to document.  Shortly the fall club soccer season will be over and we will have our weekends back, and the cooling weather will also mean less yard work, which should allow me some gaming time like “back in the old days”.  Now, if I can just keep the cats from destroying the games while they are in progress….

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    I’m retired but with volunteering as an EMT/Fire person and doing the travel together sightseeing thing with my wife, I find myself surprisingly tight on time. I get most of my big painting projects done during inclement weather,  huzzah Colorado snow, and after 10pm.

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    The thing that let me play games were my choice of quick simple rules. Without these wuick play rules I probably wouldn’t have played anything. The one hobby I haven’t had time for the last few years was reading, it’s more time consuming than wargames.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    Games: doubt I will ever roll dice again.
    Sculpting: grab a few spare minutes in the evening, depending on how worn out I am and when Minime decides to fall asleep.
    Painting: as above, but prefer doing this in daylight so early Sunday mornings if I can.

    At the moment I’m not a well bunny and having to rest up, so managing to get a lot of painting therapy in! Also Strictly Come Yawning is on, so I’m left to my own devices on Saturday nights. But I have developed quick ways to paint and base figures that has cut production time.

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    When the motivation takes me I generally can paint a few evenings per week, but I notice a pattern to my work. My year begins in September, when school starts, and I will usually be productive. October is very minimal due to work deadlines, organizing a school trip abroad and just stress. I haven’t touched a miniature this month, but hope to this coming weekend. November is likely to also be unproductive with only a couple of evenings over the course of the month. December is always okay, as I have school break for 2 weeks and a wind down week before Christmas. I generally get a bunch of stuff done. From then on I can fairly steadily spend a couple of evenings per week painting or gaming alone. As the evenings get lighter I can prime more miniatures outside and be more productive with May and June generally being my most productive of the year.

    But yeah, evenings, a couple of times per week is then I slot time in.


    Now that it’s fall, I will not have to mow, so I should be able to get more painting in, no idea when I’ll get a game in.

    Thorsten Frank

    Currently, a “bit” difficult (family or better the vanishing of it) but I I think it will get better in the coming months again.

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    Norm S

    I have noticed that in a spare 30 – 40 minutes odd bit of spare time, I was defaulting to ‘screen time’. I have recently made a deliberate effort to do something else instead, so that at the end of that time I can show some productivity instead – that has felt quite liberating and also reminds me of how things used to be pre-internet.

    Steve Johnson

    As Norm said, little bits of free time are often taking with browsing websites, Blogs etc, mainly due to my painting space being the kitchen table. so my painting can be hit and miss due to trying to find time in there that fits in around the family and having enough energy after work. Gaming is normally mid-week with a friend, but solo gaming has fallen away of late due to lack of motivation.


    I am spoilt as I am retired, painting time is as an when I feel like it.  Notwithstanding a new kitchen being fitted (how many toy soldiers would that have bought), walking dog, Granddaughter’s school projects, decorating, kitchen, living room and the the rest of the inside of the house, then I move outside.   I do not get as much gaming in as I would like, I have a small painting room but no gaming room (Maybe in the next few years I will be able to convert the garage,).

    Though when I was working at sea I could not paint or do any hobby related modelling, lots of time to read hobby magazines.  I have always made time for my hobby allowing for family, work and other outside influences.

    Happy gaming,



    I finally found sufficient time when I retired before that it was snatching a bit of time when I could.


    Tony S

    The biggest boon to my painting has been the invention of the PVR and reality television.   The PVR, because during hockey season I can paint and watch the game, but easily rewind to catch something exciting.  Reality television, because I can “watch” it with my wife, as I have a little table and painting tray so I paint in front of the TV.  I really don’t mind if I miss a lot of those style of shows, so I can paint away merrily!  And I guess podcasts have helped too – when there’s not a game, I can listen to a podcast or two while painting.

    I’ve met with my group every Sunday morning for at least 25 years, so as gaming goes I’m quite happy!

    As for actually painting, also for years I make it a habit to always, always do something hobby related each and every day.  At best, it’s an hour or more of painting.  At worst, I prime a figure or two!  But now that my kids are grown up, I have set aside 9 o’clock as my painting hour.  Sometimes it’s more puttering than painting, but hey – hobbies are supposed to be fun, not a mandated job!




    I’m in a Wargames club so I get to play once a week on Wednesday evenings. Otherwise I usually have an hour or so each evening, so I’ll paint, go running or play computer games depending how I feel.

    I read forums like this before I go to work.

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    With a birth of a child two years ago and a new job taking 12 hours of my day for four days a week, I’ve pretty much lost all my time to build and paint.  I miss it.

    I just cleaned off my desk and I’m hoping to steal an hour this weekend to apply some shaky handed brush strokes to something.  😀


    With a very long commute back and forth to work – currently I don’t ‘find the time’ ……..  Probably why I’m more likely to be lurking around here……

    Of course, the temptations of screen time could also be a factor – maybe I need to pick up the brushes instead of the iPad once in a while…..


    I, too, do 12 hour days M-F. So not much goes on during the week… though I am often up at 3am and can get some basing, etc., done then. Weekends are pretty free except for chores. Not unusual for me to have 4 hours or so both Saturday and Sunday for painting/modeling. It’s been over a year since I actually played a game.

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