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    Ever had that thing that sat on your workbench for weeks or months and when you finally need it you forgot where you put it.

    Had a plastic rod I couldn’t find a use for until today. Had a lump of putty all mixed and ready and then the plastic was gone, hiding somewhere at the worst time. When I finally gave up and used the putty on something else, the playful plastic decide to stop playing hide and seek and show itself. This piece of plastic might be ex CIA.

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    Related questions:

    How did that get there?

    When did I buy this?

    How many of these do I have?

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    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    I dropped the dragon head prow of a 6mm Longship on the floor of my hobby room, despite several days of searches it could not be found  and I cack handedly fashioned a replacement- fast forward 4 months and despite the room having been vacuumed numerous times in the intervening period, what did I stand on in my bare feet slap bang in the middle of the room, a bloody 6mm Longship dragon headed prow!!

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    Avatar photoGaz045

    I have misplaced 2 Nona SPG’s ……not 6mm either but 1/72 …….not exactly small ………..The hobby spaces ( I can’t help but spread out) have been searched several times over but lost without trace………..

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    Shag carpet the war gamers nightmare.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    My Peter Pig modern foreign legion mini’s mysteriously vanished until I bought more bags, then I found them again.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    ” To lose one wargame figure, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

    Question: are tiled floors better than shag pile?

    No: things bounce! Enough said.



    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Oh yes, I have things vanish and then only reappear when I have purchased replacements.

    Just this weekend I had a figure i was painting vanish when I went to refresh my drink.  Found it this morning, under a couch 2 rooms away, chewed on by one of the cats.  At least this one mystery was solved in quick order!

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    Placed several dozen plastic 18th century wargame figures in the to do pile last month, I have now emptied the entire wargame workroom looking for them.  Still not found, I have a horrible feeling that they fell into the waste bin and I threw them away.

    Regularly I place wargame items into, will do them later bin/box and forget where I put them only for them to turn up several months later.  I think it is the wargame Gods way of keeping us on our toes.

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    My modeling area is the bar in the basement, I know sounds lovely right?  I don’t drink really anymore so I use it because of the sink.  The ridiculous track lighting casts some serious shadows in the corners.  I’m always losing bits and then knocking them on to the floor.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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