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    I need a new project like… well, I don’t, but anyway I’m contemplating a small Punic Wars project. I want to use 6mm figures, based for DBA, so I could use DBA, Sword & Spear, Hail Caesar etc. I want to keep it small and inexpensive, so I’d go for 1 unit = 1 15mm DBA base (40mm base width).

    I know that Baccus have very nice figures, but they come in large packs – too large for my purpose, this would make the project more expensive than I intend.

    Has anyone experience with Heroics & Ros? I gather they are rather old and I’ve heard that the quality of the figures depends on the range. How do the Romans and Carthaginians look like? Would anyone happen to have photos?

    Thanks for your help!



    Avatar photowillb

    Heroics and Ros are usually good.  Irregular tends to be of variable quality.  Rapier makes Punic Wars figures and are the same size as Baccus.   Photos of Romans at


    However,  the past two months people have been having problems with getting orders from Rapier for reasons unknown.  You should email your order instead of directly paying through the site.



    Avatar photoShandy

    Thanks Bill, I didn’t know Rapier, but their figures look nice and the price is enticing. Nice collection you’ve got there!

    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    I bought some Rapier Miniatures camel riders for use with my Baccus Seleucid army.  I was delighted with them; they fit in very well, and were good castings.

    At the moment I am mulling over getting Rapier Hittites to go against my Baccus New Kingdom Egyptians, Syro-Canaanites and Sea-Peoples.  Factors in favour include cost, pack sizes, the fact that you have to wait up to 3 weeks before Baccus send your order, and the fact that Rapier Miniatures also do Libyan infantry that would be a useful option for my NKEs.

    Against that, I do find the Baccus non-light infantry bases very good to work with.  I note WillB’s advice about ordering from Rapier, thank you.

    Avatar photowillb


    Good looking wagons on your blog.    Just received an email today from Rapier that order problems are being sorted.

    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    There is an excellent French site dedicated to Heroics & Ros figures that includes photos of Romans v Macedonians (no Carthaginians I’m afraid).  I think they look great en masse and to my eye they are better proportioned than most of the competition (however, I have only got Napoleonics, ACW and WWII – I haven’t seen the ancients in the flesh).

    Heroics & Ros Romans



    Avatar photoPeter Berry

    All of our Ancients codes can be bought by the unit which enables you to tailor an army to your exact requirements without having to use our standard packs.   You want 6 units of hastatii,   3 of triarii,  and 3 of velites? No problem.  You want one less infantry and add a cavalry Base?  No problem.

    Look at the Baccus site and check the code of the unit you would like.   You get the option to buy a 40mm or a 60mm frontage unit and the number of ranks you would like in that unit.

    The buy by the unit system gives great choice to anyone building an Ancients army for antwerp rules set.   All that we ask is that you buy a minimum of 12 units in the order.

    Does that answer the problem?   To tempt you more,  our Punic war ranges are some our newest and sharpest sculpts.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    I would recommend Baccus and Rapier. They both make excellent figures that paint up well and, handily, can be used together!

    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    However, the past two months people have been having problems with getting orders from Rapier for reasons unknown. You should email your order instead of directly paying through the site. Regards, Bill

    I sent an email to order some Hittites (plus some Libyan infantry) on 04/10/2015 and get them to raise a Paypal invoice.  So far they haven’t responded.

    Emails can be less prompt and reliable the we tend to think, so this may not be their fault.

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