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    I have been playing around with making my own 15 and 28mm masters in 2 part epoxy clays and also carving traditional wax  models for lost wax casting methods (i am a jeweler) .  I can make molds in brown vulcanized rubber or two part RTV molds cut apart with a scalpel for use with wax injection and investment centrifugal casting in precious metals.


    I am pretty loathe with the idea of adding white metal into my studio for fear of contaminating my precious metal (a really really bad idea!) so i think maybe my best choice is resin casting to make a few duplicates of my carvings.  I do have a vacuum bell jar for debubbling.  What is the best and or cheapest resins to use?  I saw a large amount of acrylic powder being available for relatively quite cheap and wondered if it was usable or not worth the effort.  Ideas?  I really am interested in the shrinkage percentages too so that my masters are the right scale.

    Last of all, if i didn’t want to invest in the spin caster for white metal, is there anyone out there (usa) who might be interested in producing small white metal casting runs from my masters?


    Jeff Hancock

    Contact Old Glory Miniatures, the 25mm folks.  They may offer custom casting in white metal.



    I used Easyflo 60 when doing all my resin casting.


    Though a vacuum chamber may not be much use for figures and this resin combo.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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