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    *Spend 7 weeks researching correct uniform colours, pay 200 dollars for reference materials and mail ordering the exact paint colour required. *Find the memoirs of a soldier in the campaign. Read it. *He says they all looked like mud-caked hobos clad in rags. *Cry.


    This reminds me of a similar but different topic. I go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for summer beach vacations, have for many years. Many folks drive out on the beach in 4 wheel drive trucks and surf-cast. The poster I saw in a store featured a guy sitting on the bumper of his truck in the sand holding a bluefish, perhaps 8 inches long.  As for prices, this is 30 years ago.

    4 wheel drive truck $35,000

    beach chairs $100

    fish cooler $75

    ice $2

    beer $20

    graphite fishing rod $200

    3 different reels $120

    high-test line $15

    bait $3

    total $35,535


    yield: one 8 ounce bluefish


    On another note, discovering this thread and realizing that i posted to it months back.

    This too shall pass


    Just bought a new van this week and was clearing out the old one ready for sale. Lots of general crap over the years. Found some items I had lost and couldn’t find it at the time. No figures or scenery as such, which would be odd if I had. But I did find a Robinson fruit shoot lid. Um, where have I seen them used before?

    Got me thinking how I haven’t done anything Wargamey for at least 6 weeks.


    Steve Johnson

    I do sometimes wonder about the listings on Amazon and ebay, as it seems sellers don’t always look at the ‘going rate’.


    Caveat Emptor.

    eBay & Amazon are not always the cheapest … or best.


    Not that so much.

    1 can is £9 with no delivery.
    Yet 2 cans are £32 plus delivery.

    1 for £9 is fair.

    But when buying double the amount I don’t expect triple the cost…

    Mike HeaddenMike Headden

    Two different prices from two different companies, I’m surprised you’re surprised by that Mike.

    Pays to shop around within EBay and Amazon, let alone outside them.

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!


    Two different prices from two different companies

    Acck. Never spotted that.
    My very bad.

    How odd that when trying to buy more than 1 it takes you to another company.


    Is it the same if you use the quantity drop down menu above the basket button?

    Tired is enough.

    Steven Francis

    I like to play check the recommended retail price on Amazon…. often it is over inflated and not true so discounts are fake. Take a look at something like Primaries Intercessors..rrp £39.99 and GW £35….now the actual Amazon price is cheeper at £28 but clearly not honest or accurate information there!





    Thaddeus BlanchetteThaddeus Blanchette

    So, what kind of ‘shrooms are those boys munching?

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    ian pillayian pillay

    That’s brilliant!!!


    Mr. Average

    Brother Marius and Brother Lucius, there?

Viewing 14 posts - 41 through 54 (of 54 total)
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