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    Brandon Fero


    This is official.

    We are LIVE! And funded and on to our next stretch goal!!

    I started on this years ago from a guy who was kind enough to grant me his art.

    The last few months, I’ve been working with some amazing 3d sculptors and a miniatures caster of some renown, Impact! Miniatures, to get ready to send this to Kickstarter. The wargame I have titled WHISPER. The Kickstarter is focused on creating the masters, molds, and materials for the production run spincast resin miniatures. The standing figure is approximately 50mm tall. The following is the kneeling pose next to some 15mm miniature infantry.


    Impact! did a great job of making a few small fixes, and I sent some 3d print prototypes on to some great painters, including Mastergunz, who you might know if you’re a fan of Battletech or CAV Reaper.

    There will be more to come.

    This is just an announcement to let everyone know what’s about to go down on my end.

    As for rules, I’m working on them as we speak, and I plan to make them free to download.

    Ready up.


    Edit: After a long wait and a few setbacks, I can safely say that every single Backer has received their awards!

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    Angel Barracks

    Some bad-assery going on there!

    Mr. Average

    Light Ronin! The Techno-Sengoku Jidai is getting ever more interesting!

    Brandon Fero

    Thanks, Angel and Average. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Technically, these are scaled for 10mm combat, but with the plethora of great infantry and tank options that already are on the market, I decided to focus instead on just getting the mecha out there. So, I wanted to make the miniatures scale-neutral to allow anyone options in using their current infantry miniatures as infantry squads in the WHISPER setting.

    An example would be Todd’s comparison shot to 6mm, which is closer to the 10mm size.

    But there are more in the pipeline.

    The Sokar and Bastet are just the first initial goal.

    Then, there’s the Raptor:

    And much more.

    I’m working with another individual on datacards to fit the game rules, and I’ve received some pointers by friends and comrades who are strongly interested in the Kickstarter.

    I’m nervous, excited, and a whole lot more.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask, I’ll be sure to check in every now and then and answer as best I can.

    Mr. Average

    Ideal!ย  I’d use them for 6mm, myself.

    Brandon Fero

    Whatever you want, Average. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some of the guys in Dakka were asking for 28mm comparisons.

    Brandon Fero
    Brandon Fero

    An update for everyone! WHISPER is going to Adepticon 2018, and the three miniatures we funded last year will be on sale in Impact’s webstore following!


    A well-painted Raptor for all of you here, with more on the linked update!

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