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    It’s now been over two years since I last posted a full-year update on who was playing what on the UK Ancients Competition scene – which is of course hardly surprising given that no-one was able to play anything face to face for much of that time, with various grades of Lockdown running from the start of 2020 until around mid-June 2021.

    Ancients competition wargaming in the UK did however stutter (or in some cases “roar”) back to life again in the middle of last year, and so with over 12 months of events to look back on it’s probably as good a time as any to start once again having a look at Who’s Playing What.

    This set of “post-Lockdown” stats cover the UK “player universe” numbers for competition players across 7 of the most popular Ancients mass-battle rulesets for all events held in the UK in since things started up again at the end of June 2021 that I can find results for.

    Some headlines:

    Total Unique Player Numbers (Post Lockdown / 2019 Calendar year)
    L#’Art de la Guerre 177 (180)
    Mortem et Gloriam 66 (62)
    DBMM 61 (72)
    DBA 55 (67)
    DBM 40 (44)
    Field of Glory Ancients 35 (48)
    To The Strongest! 28 (64)
    (2019 calendar year in brackets)

    This shows how many different, UK-based players have taken part in any competition since Lockdown restrictions were eased in summer 2021.

    The upshot is that post-Lockdown, total player numbers across all sets still compare very favourably with the 2019 totals – and (as I’ll go into in the commentary on each set) even the more notable shortfalls can usually be explained by event scheduling or other issues unrelated to any loss of enthusiasm for face to face gaming in general post-Lockdown

    The full thing, with more stats and ruleset-by-ruleset commentary is online to dive into at:


    You can:
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    Avatar photoTony S

    Interesting to see that DBM and FoG are still on the radar.   And if those players still enjoy playing a solid set of rules, more power to them.

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