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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Do you use your own sci-fi setting, or do you use an official one, blend a few together or something else?

    [poll question=’What is your setting?’ answers=’own,official, blended, other’]

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I use Kometenmelodie of course, which is a mish-mash of all sorts of things that have lodged in my brain over the last 30 years or so.

    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Mine is nearish future.  The big players are the United Nations of Earth and Mars, the Organization for Interstellar Progress, and the corporate sector.

    The UNEM is the main hegemon, but is on its way out—the Army is badly outdated, the UNEM Marines are overstretched, and the Navy is increasingly tied down in defensive missions against possible OIP attack.  The corporate sector is only barely contolled by UNEM/OIP law, and in effect is a multi-faceted third faction, with considerable military hardware and assets.

    Some of the UNEM colonies are getting independence, as well—parts of Mars and the asteroid belt, and the longer-range colonies, especially the farming-rich cashcow of Kyushu, which fought a bloody war of independence against the UNEM long enough for the OIP to join in and turn the tide.

    My fluff is a mash-up of current events, historical precedent, and my favorite sci-fi. The most fleshed-out part is the Kyushan War of Independence, which draws heavily from the American War of Independence, the Vietnam Wars and the War on Terror.  I’m tying in some other bug-related fluff as part of a scenario book project, and a corporate wars thing, too.

    I’m working on a big conventional war within this setting, as the Organization for Interstellar Progress overthrows the UNEM as the superpower, and I’m thinking that one is basically gonna be the WWII Pacific Theater in space.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    When playing KR-16 with Michael it is, unsuprisingly, Kometenmelodie. For my planned Gruntz! forces it will be a mix of the ‘official’ background and my own personal preferences, based largely on my experiences over 40 odds years as a wargamer.

    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    I’ve used KR16 for near future, post apocalypse and space opera type things, all derived from disparate sources, e.g. Star Wars, Grant’s 18th Century imagi-nations, the remnants of the Caspian Sea, and games for the Spectrum 48K.

    Avatar photoMike

    Spectrum 48K.

    second only to the Xbox 360!

    What speccy games?

    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    Wouldn’t know about the Xbox, I’ve only recently been given a PS2!

    Nonterraqueous, Soul of a Robot, Tau Ceti… I’ve looted them for ideas, whilst Greyfell has furnished a name for a favourite imagination that’s cropped up on Earth and elsewhere. Aside from that, I think Speccy code incorporated itself into my brain while the synapses where still forming. Watching A Field in England I was thinking “this is a little bit like Feud…Whitehead is Learic, O’Neill is Leanoric”

    Avatar photoCount Belisarius

    I’m trying to use my own background which is lifted from various ideas and actually stemmed from my C18th ImagiNation! In mine the corporations are all and there are no longer any real governments as such unless puppets (not that different from today…). Planets have been colonised but the colonies have a certain frontier independence and it take a lot of resources for even the big corps to send ‘forces’ to them if needed. My games will be centred on Sikarra, a desert planet (so I can make desert terrain to use for Arab Israeli and WW2 North Africa!) where colonial scientists are perfecting terraforming technology from their underground facilities (fewer buildings needed!) and this has attracted the attention of various corporations.

    Stellar technology is abstracted so I don’t have to think about or justify it. Military technology is mid-tech to high-tech but nothing fancy. The top stuff is in the hands of the corporations!

    The project has stalled for a while but as part of my Christmas clear out I wanted to get rid of old terrain tiles I’ll never use so I finally got round to the  ‘desertification’ of the last three I need and dumping the rest. And I have a clear table now so will try and get a game in!



    Avatar photoRobey Jenkins

    I wrote a setting for HorizonWars that stretches across several centuries from a near-future setting (nominally from 2116), via the colonization of the Solar System to a distant time of superluminal travel.  It was written to allow players to use as broad a range of miniatures as possible, from modern up to E:A and its various clones.


    Avatar photoEtranger

    Much like the Count and his Swans (Hi Andy!) I have my own background setting with ‘inspiration’ from a lot of different places, some relatively obvious, some obscure. When I have some spare time I’ll document that background in more detail, but for now a taster:

    Avatar photoBarks

    Blended, based on films more than games. I can mash a bit of District 9, Mad Max, Blade Runner, Firefly, Aliens, etc into a coherent universe fairly easily. Central core system of bureaucracy, dystopian cities, and megacorporations, and outer rim planets of pioneers, rogue traders, and outlaws.

    Avatar photoDavid Billinghurst

    I use elements of the Traveller 3rd Imperium background to frame my own RimWorlds setting.

    Avatar photoShandy

    I also use my own setting: The main political power is a quite peaceful Federation-like association (InterPlanetary Union); however a new wormhole was discovered that leads to a faraway star cluster; this cluster is opened for settlement and all the unruly elements are moving there. Our games are set in this cluster, which allows for rather low-level conflicts between small factions (if conflicts get too large the peacekeeping force of the IPU will put its boot down). We prefer light-hearted stories, neither grim, dark or gritty – think Firefly with lots of aliens. I have fond memories of Traveller and it still influences how I imagine stuff.

    Avatar photoArmiesArmy

    I am working on my own


    Near Future – 2040 ish

    space expansion and colonisation race has begun. 2020 a little to early, however Earth’s demise and a revolutionary fuel has pushed the age of space travel ahead.  The only problem with the fuel was its limited on Earth and most people want it……A big land grab was then pushed out into space and the land grab continues. Its just about the time that  Humans meet someone/something else.

    I’m focussed on the colony race, so the general equipment is adaptable and self sufficient, some colonies are self sufficient. Most stuff is near future with fusion/grav items slowly filtering from earth as and when the colonies can support them.

    Not surprisingly….my forces match my figure ranges 🙂


    Rusk forces are old Socialist Russia, whom have fled to the stars after a very bloody civil war. This continues  with the reinstatement of the tsar  and the expansion of the Russian Empire

    The PLA , Euro, Sub-Asian Pact, United States, Pan Africa, New Mesopotamia and South American Pact are all part of it and at different levels of productions:)


    hoping to one day do scenario packs and create a sort of wiki for the world 🙂


    one day…..



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