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    Hi all

    I recently played a Wild West game with some friends. The Rules were GW Legends of the Old West and the scenario was loosely based on the Bank robbery scenario but with a train to rob instead. There was 4 players and 2 sides – Mexicans and Indians vs Cowboys and Lawmen.There was 4 bags of gold (the gold glass markers onto of the train) and whichever side finished with the most when the game ended won.

    Unfortunately the game was a bit messy with some players being very drunk and others not having had played a lot of wargames. The Outlaws despite their drunkenness won easily by combining to blast a hole in the Lawful folk (and a few civilians along the way) and exited the table with the loot. The lawful folk tried to stop them even using civilians to impend their progress and the Indians were rolling a “Head for the hills” morale test at the end of the game for their posse, which would have swung the balance. But the defeat wasnt helped by the Cowboy player who forgot about 3 figures in his (out of 8 in his posse) and never did anything with them until the last turn. Also the Outlaws rolled a lot of 6s shooting and there was a fair bit of carnage.

    The mat, trees and buildings are scratchbuilt by me and the train is a cheap plastic toy converted. The figures are a mix of Foundry, Pulp, Old Glory, Eureka and Artizan.

    I didn’t get all the photos I wanted during the game but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

    The table all setup. Note the civilians clustered around the train and the gold on top

    Starting position of the Indians and Mexicans

    Early action


    Angel Barracks

    ha, when I first got the e-mail about your new post I was well excited as I wrongly assumed it was in 6mm!
    However, this is just as epic, maybe even more so. (sssssh)

    It is properly nice, as I expect for you!


    Thanks. Yeah I do lots of other scales (perhaps too many).


    Wowzer !!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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