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    i know that some, due to preference or circumstance, game alone but many of us are in a coterie of hopefully like minded war gamers.

    So with whom do you game?

    I don’t, nor want, to game in a club. There are many advantages to belonging To a club but I feel there would be people who I’d prefer not to game with (and I’m sure they’d feel the same about me!).

    We have a stable, small group who mostly game at my abode. At the moment, it’s five of us.

    We’re all 40+ish, white males. A fairly narrow demographic that speaks of the narrow demographic of the hobby rather than of any prejudice. I am certain if a woman or person of another ethnic group was in our framework, I would not hesitate for a nano second over including them. The framework is simple: you must be easy going and keen on the hobby. That’s about it.

    Five is about the maximum we want. If everyone turns up for a game, it generally is manageable and you’re fairly sure to get at least one or two with any sort of notice.

    I certainly have friends outside this group but my fellow gamers are, at the very least, my friends. This fact, I think, defines the hobby for me.

    Tell us about your gaming partners.



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    I do almost all my gaming on a weekly basis as a member of Sheffield Wargames Society. Although I the club has dozens of members and there are several games on each week, I usually play with half a dozen regular opponents as we like doing the same sort of things.

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    I attend a club irregularly due to real life. Been going there for over 20 years.


    i get most games in at tournaments.

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    Currently again mostly solo. There was a constant on and off over the last thirty years. I was a member of a very active Battletech/RPG group in the late eighties till the mid 90s. And, during my time in the Army, there were even more possibilites to play. There were instances that I had the opportunity to play nearly every evening sometimes.
    Well, life came into the way for all of us since then. There was another active group between 2004 and 2008 and we met once a month.
    2014 I started another group which lasted until late 2017 – that was a nice mixture of people between 20 and 60 and I had high hopes for it. Sadly, life came into the way for many of them and we play only very irreguarly now (last year 3 instances and this year not a single one yet – there was one planned for saturday with three people, including me, and something came into my way and one of the other guys.
    I´m increasingly playing solo since 2010 because of the whole situation. Here in Germany it´s not a niche niche hobby – it´s even smaller. And that small portion mostly occupied by WH40k (which I never really liked)

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    Until about 10 years ago, I gamed with a group of friends ranging from 5-8 people.  Around ten years ago, as my group began to part ways, I started gaming solo, and now do about two-thirds of my gaming solo.  When I do game with others, I usually get together with an old friend from my original group from back in the 1980s, who lives about a  hundred miles away.  Occasionally, one of the other old group members, or a newer friend of the friend will show up and we will all play.

    We have always played games at group member’s houses.  Currently, we are all white males in our 50s or 60s, though over the years,  the composition of the group has varied.


    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    I have been wargaming since the late 1960s and was a member of clubs off and on for several years.  But mostly I have gamed with same opponent almost every Monday since the early 70s mostly at his house.  Our little group has sometimes been as large as 7 as small as 2 but usually hovers around the 4 – 5.  At the moment we have one over 80, one nearly 70 (me), one in their 50s and one in late 30s.  We are all interested in lots of different games and take turns at organising the games though mostly it falls to the two “seniors”.

    In addition at frequent but irregular intervals I set up games for our extended family – sons and grandsons ranging through Bolt Action WW2, Greek/Roman Mythology, Arthurian, Zombies, Giant Ants (THEM!), The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Viking Raids etc.

    At the moment we are all white males though at various times we have had ladies and ethnic minorities participate.

    Every year for as long as I can remember we have put on public participation games at shows in Scotland and used our “toys” in museum and school education projects in line with the curriculun (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Vikings, etc) and for WW1 ans WW2 commemorations.

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    Generally I game with about 8 people, but never all at once!  Usually it’s 2 or 3 of us playing something or testing out some homebrews (or whatever my latest THW contribution is in the works), but we tend to game once a month or so, and maybe all get together for an RPG every 2 or 3 months.  Pretty diverse group and coed as well, all in our 40’s.  Tried to bring in a couple of 20’s “kids” but they are so scattered and flighty and prone to not showing up (even when they were supposed to be bringing the figures!) that we have had to stop inviting them.

    I need to start hitting more conventions, get a bit more diverse in my gaming and fresh faces!

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    That part of my hobby life is very much on hold while I’m feeling the urge to concentrate on working on all my various projects. Living in one of the “frontier colonies” of the hobby (not unlike what Thorsten described) doesn’t help. Then again I haven’t even gamed solo in a long time, despite my not having any objection to solo gaming. This doesn’t count modern-style boardgames and card games which, being more practical and approachable, I occasionally play with a group of friends.

    To get around the problem of my relatively isolated location, I’d like to give “play by chat/messenger app” gaming a go some day, but still using an actual table set-up and actual miniatures (the player “in situ” would be sending photos to the other player, or else it would be a video chat, but text chat/messaging has the advantage that it wouldn’t have to be an unbroken session). I’ve done some “play by forum” gaming in the past, but not using an actual table set-up, so it felt far from perfect.

    In the past I’ve also occasionally visited a club and met up with people for a game in RL after meeting them online, but around here it’s hard to find any non-GW action, so since I left “the GW hobby” behind I’ve not felt much motivation to pursue further gaming opportunities down those avenues.

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    Wargames with old friends, Roleplaying Games with my Lady Joyce daughter Mary and her husband Max.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Mainly solo of late, but a gaming chum has moved back to the area for work. My other couple of friends meet up when we can, which is once every 2-3 months of late. Club gaming lost its appeal over 10 years ago, due to the nature of the club and some of its members. Much easier to fit in games at home and at our leisure.

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    It’s my good fortune to be happily retired and living in a hotbed of historical miniature gaming, southwest Ohio.

    So far this spring I’ve played my brains out at three good local game conventions, February: Battle At The Crossroads (Cambridge), March: CincyCon (Hamilton) and April: DayCon (Dayton), besides making the long drive to Pennsylvania with friends for Cold Wars, also in March. I’ll miss Drums Along The Maumee (Toledo) in May, ‘cuz I’m taking a road trip with my wife, but she’s agreed to visit the Mississippian mound sites of Etowah and Ocmulgee, so I get to do some history touring before and after our niece’s wedding. CY6!Con is in June. Then I may take a break from conventions until fall.

    I hang around two informal clubs, Rich’s Basement and Jim’s Basement. There are no membership dues, secret handshakes or funny hats to wear, but both proprietors communicate via email lists, and both regularly host games in their well-appointed basement game rooms most Wednesday nights when they’re in town. There’s a floating group of about a dozen gamers at each venue, with some overlap.

    Anywhere from four to ten players show up on game night, you can never predict how many. I’ve GMed games in both Basements, and it’s challenging to design a scenario that’s fairly balanced, entertaining, and can stretch or contract to seat all the players. I have a lot of fun doing it. I only regret that I can’t be in both Basements on the same night, sometimes I have to choose. First-world problems, hainna? I’m scheduled to run a game May 1. The scenario will be 15mm ancients, thanks for asking, Egyptians vs. Nubians using the Sword & Spear rules. Wish me luck.

    I’m formally a member of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society – Great Lakes Chapter, I pay my dues and read the newsletter. I don’t do much for the chapter but show up at the cons.

    I’ve lived in SW Ohio and played wargames most of my life, so I meet old friends wherever I play games in public, and often meet new friends, too. Everyone I play games with is a white guy, running the gamut from nerd to geek to dork. That’s just the demographic in SW Ohio that plays with toy soldiers. Anyone who doesn’t fit the stereotype is welcome to join us, but xe has to put up with us and our discourse, ‘cuz we can’t be anybody but who we are…I’m pleased that we’re not all geezers, we get guys in the Basements from their 20s on up. The hobby is greying and getting fat, but wargamers are still being born.

    So, I get to play a game most weeks, and I paint, build models and read history most every day. The only thing I miss is one-on-one heads-up gaming with a crony or two. I have one friend who sometimes visits on a Sunday to play a board game on my dining room table, but my own basement game room has been out of action since the Great Flood of 2016. I might get operational this summer. I feel motivated.

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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    With family and with friends.

    Some of our RPG stuff is online with people we know that way.

    I’m not much of a store gamer.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I have never competitively gamed. I am not going to be critical of those who do but it might be interesting to hear from TWW folk who do. I’ve heard the stereotypes so it’d be interesting to hear the reality.


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    I have a hard-core gaming group of three of us who do miniature wargames, but that also expands to add about six more when we play board and card games. The former is three white men in our forties, the latter is about fifty/fifty split men and women from late twenties to late forties, several of whom are couples. Demographically we’re all white, but that is just due to our friendship group and no prejudice on any of our parts (I’d like to think we’re all pretty ‘woke’ LOL). I also have been solo playing some board games of late (Arkham Horror, Agricola, etc.)

    I have often considered joining a local group to get more regular games in, as we all have life that gets in the way from time to time, but I’m reticent having being member of groups before and coming across some pretty unsavoury characters… But that is a bias I need to get over…

    Also, I have never and never will competitive game. I have no interest and think that a hard fought loss by an outnumbered force is far more rewarding than simply playing to win.

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    Solo mainly but also at the local club on a now and again basis. Tuesday is club night but for the last couple of years it’s also been the kids rugby and gymnastics night, so kids have come first. I also occasionally play games with the kids but they have lost interest as they’ve got older.

    Avatar photoJim Jackaman

    Oh and I will also never play competition games, although there’s a strong following at the club for FOG.

    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    I’m sorry to hear of people avoiding clubs because of not wanting to game with certain of the members. Sure, we all find there are some people we can’t get on with and don’t want to roll dice with – but can’t you just avoid being in the same game as them?

    For me, our local club is invaluable. It is pretty clearly divided into three groups with not much crossover, and that’s fine, because the groups are playing different types of game: the tournament gamers, the ‘games for games sake’ players, and our more historically-focused bunch. Like-minded players seek each other out and we have had plenty of good people gravitate in our direction. It provides continuity and sustains the group: we’re not reliant on one key host’s basement, it doesn’t matter if some people are away, there’s always something going on and enough players to make it happen.


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    Avatar photoAbwehrschlacht

    All fair points Chris, and as I mentioned, it’s something that is an issue with me, not really the club scene!

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    Avatar photoRuarigh

    I mainly game at home with a couple of friends. One plays miniature games and the other plays board wargames (specifically Advanced Squad Leader). Our games are rare these days, because our schedules seldom match, but they are good games when they happen. I very rarely play solo games because I just don’t get much satisfaction from them.

    I tried the local wargames clubs because I would like to game more often. One was ok, but there was one person in particular who would inflict himself on anyone and everyone there which discouraged me from going. The other was far too cliquey and people organised games between themselves to the extent that I felt excluded for the most part. I’ve had good experiences with clubs too, but not recently.

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    For me the avoidance of clubs is merely to do with the “subject matter” of said clubs in my country (all GW last I visited one, and contemporary GW at that, not the more charming Oldhammer style). I just don’t relate to them much, that’s all. I’ve never felt repulsed from a club because of the personalities of other members. Hell, for all I know, maybe I’m the one that repels other people, or I would be if I frequented clubs.

    If there was a club in my area that focused on the kind of miniatures gaming I’m into (mostly oriented toward non-competitive “indie” gaming, but not all-historicals to the exclusion of fantasticals, and the kind where players all have their own “collect both sides” projects with matching terrain/scenery – and yes, I’m aware I’m describing a unicorn), then I would frequent it ragged even if I found some of the people there difficult (within reason).

    Avatar photojeffers

    Was with a small group until I realised I was the ‘odd one out’.  After a year’s break I had a go at another club. Friendly enough, but it was clear I didn’t fit in there either, so left after a few weeks.  Haven’t gamed for a year now and don’t miss it: I miss clubs and other wargamers even less. Now I’m happy to just sculpt, build, paint, collect and plan games I will never play without the hassle of other people!

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    Avatar photoJim Jackaman

    I regret not being able to go so often but needs must. I also get so far out of the loop that it’s difficult to fit back in.

    I’ve also found I’m more productive on my own when I’m not jumping on other peoples’ bandwagons but just do what I’m interested in.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    My birth into the hobby was with my two brothers and we played fairly regularly while all teenagers. Then life happened. Upon returning to the hobby in 2012 I have gamed mostly solo. I attended a wargame club once in 2013 and enjoyed it, but for some reason never went back.

    My excuse is that I am always waiting to make more terrain. When it comes to Sci Fi, I have plenty of terrain though, so do play the occasional game alone, with one being in person with someone who no longer likes my preferred rule set.

    My main source of human opponents would be the students at the school where I work. I hold a wargaming week during our activities week in the summer. Last year I cycled about 50 young lads through the course of the week where responses were mixed. This led to the formation of a wargaming club that met irregularly and hasn’t met much this year. However, soon I will be hosting the wargaming week again, and am excited to see who signs up. I have already had a few from last year announce they are signing up.

    Avatar photoRoger Calderbank

    Most of my games are with a small group of friends, at one or other of our homes, or at a club.

    However, I also take part in tournaments, which seem to be anathema to most who have commented in this thread. Tournaments offer me the chance to play against a wider range of opponents than usual, with rules I like to play. I know the playing style of the people I play regularly; new opponents offer new challenges and give me new ideas. Yes, tournament games tend to have a structure (points-based armies, one player v one player) that some may not like. And yes, occasionally there are people who are too intense, but the are very much a minority. I would be happy to play regularly with nearly all the people I’ve played against in a tournament setting. The type of game being played may also make a difference; the ones I’ve plsyed in tournaments (Impetus, To the Strongest!) both have a high unpredictability factor, which may discourage ‘power-gaming’.

    Perhaps I am influenced by the fact that most of the ‘social’ games I play are close in format to tournament style games. Limits on available time, the fact that most games are one-on-one etc., influence the choices. Whilst we can and do play scenarios, they are, perhaps, more balanced than typical. I have never fancied those games where your force will inevitably be destroyed, and it is just a case of trying to last out longer than average, but I know others like that challenge. Unlike some here, very few of my games involve multiple players on each side. Getting several people together seems hard, but playing a one-on-one with one friend one evening, and another one-on-one with another friend an afternoon or two later, is easier to plan, when everybody has other commitments. I guess it is easier to have multi-player games once you have a group who meet regularly, but it must be hard to start that up, particularly outside a club or similar format.

    I’m surprised how many people say they wouldn’t want to go to a club. My limited experience is that clubs are very varied in character, and if you don’t fit in one, there may be another that is just right. You may have to travel a bit! Again, it may matter whether the club games are multi-player or one-on-one, if there is someone there that you just can’t get on with. And clubs change as people come and go.

    In the end, if you are enjoying the games you play, then all is well for you. If you are short of opponents, tournaments and clubs may just enable you to find others who you get on with. Agreeing on rule sets to use is sometimes more difficult than finding compatible opponents, but that is another story.


    Avatar photoPaul

    Club: I attend a wargaming club maybe once a month or so. Most of the club members play 40k, Malifaux, Necromunda, age of sigmar and X-wing, all of which I very, very rarely play (or do not play at all), so I tend to play most of my games against the same group of historical gamers in the club.

    Home Games: every now and then (2 or 3 times a year maybe) I play either at a friends house or have friend round to my place to game.

    Tournaments: I am not a competitive gamer by any stretch of the imagination (for me it is all about hanging with friends, having a few beers and pushing troops around a beautiful table) but I have fallen in with the local Bolt Action crowd who have a few tournaments a year. I have played in 3 of the last 4 and thoroughly enjoyed them because, although the other players are competitive, they are not dicks about it: win, lose or draw, they have all been gracious about it.

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    Avatar photoPaul

    Oh, and in terms of demographics: everyone I game with is pale and male (although a few ladies do go to the club to play x-wing).

    A few of the historical players have invited the ladies to join us in historical games, but they declined, and pushing it would just seem creepy.

    Also, when I invited a black friend of mine to come to the club for a game, he said “Nah, that s*** is for old white dudes.”
    (Note that although I am white, I am not that old – mid 30’s – so I dont know what he was trying to say about me 😂)

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    About half the games I play are during my travel, to pass the time, all by my lonesome self. When I’m home it’s mostly finding new rules and optimizing the solo experience.

    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    I used to play once a month in the grandiose basement of a friend who had started a ‘club’ years and years ago. One of the non-enforced rules was that everyone run a game once a year or so and bring something to munch on for the group. I’m not certain whether you’d call that a club or a bunch of friends getting together to play games. All male, ages ranging from late teens to late 50s.

    Since becoming a semi-sedentary semi-nomad, practically all my gaming has been solo. There are clubs and groups around here that meet weekly or monthly but my ability to get to them is severely limited. So I’ve not really made like minded friends to invite over to my house to play. It’s a catch-22. I hesitate to invite local gamers whom I don’t know into my house to play, and I hesitate to introduce co-workers to my peculiar hobby to turn them into gamer friends. But since I enjoy painting, basing and reading/trying rules it’s still a satisfying hobby. Actually, I find those activities more satisfying than solo gaming.

    I’m not a competitive gamer. Definitely on the social end of the gaming spectrum. Most of the tournament players I’ve met would be welcome and (I think) enjoy the same type of games I do. Obnoxious tournament gamers are obnoxious social gamers, too.

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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    I have never competitively gamed. I am not going to be critical of those who do but it might be interesting to hear from TWW folk who do. I’ve heard the stereotypes so it’d be interesting to hear the reality.


    Back in the day, I played quite a few warhammer 40K tournaments.

    It was still fairly relaxed, since at least at the time, you got scored for things like army composition and fair play, so it tended to temper the super hardcore people a little bit.

    I enjoyed it at the time. Trying to build one army that would do well for an entire weekend against multiple opponents was fun, and you got to play people who didn’t have the same expectations as your usual group.

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    I consider myself lucky in having a great gaming circle of 5 good friends, 2 of which are long term friends met, many, many years ago without any of us knowing of our gaming interests at first, this coming to light some time later. Of the others, 2 I met at my local club some years ago and have become good friends to point we socialise outside of the hobby, and the 5th is a recent addition to our group being a new neighbour of one of my long term friends.

    Plus I attend a local club and can always pick up a game there if none of my mates are available. As for age, the 6 of us are between 38-46 (sadly were the younger members of the club!), and all white males. The club is a similar demographic but you could probably up the age range to 56+ on average. I know of another local club which has a much lower average age and… even has women attend This club tends to focus on the more GW side of the hobby (not that our club eschews GW games, just that historicals definitely dominate).

    I’m very intrigued by the aversion to clubs shown on this thread, I’ve never had that bad an experience with them, and if I didn’t particularly like a club, it wouldn’t put me off trying another. So what is it exactly that you have experienced at a club to put you off trying another?

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    Avatar photohammurabi70

    50% at clubs.

    50% domestically with friends.


    I’m very intrigued by the aversion to clubs shown on this thread, I’ve never had that bad an experience with them, and if I didn’t particularly like a club, it wouldn’t put me off trying another.

    Quite agree BUT living in London/South-East provides a variety of clubs; it might not be the same where there are fewer gamers to make up the clubs and they do not play what interests you.

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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    I’m very intrigued by the aversion to clubs shown on this thread, I’ve never had that bad an experience with them, and if I didn’t particularly like a club, it wouldn’t put me off trying another.

    We have an informal club – a small group of people who meet in our homes, no formal membership, no fees.  Just an ever changing group of 3-7 people interested in playing anything.  We have tried expanding the club into something more formal but as we live in a rural area the population of wargamers is small and dispersed.  We tried bringing young people and we were quite successful until GW opened a store a few miles away and the young set transferred their loyalty and we reverted to infprmality.

    The nearest formal clubs are about 20 miles away and we all used to go there until the focus on competitions, internal politics and personality clashes caused such an atmosphere that the club split leading to moves of location and rivalry.  We were not interested in that so we stopped going.

    Another factor was travelling time.  At first (1970s) we were able to reach the club(s) within about 25 minutes by public transport, now the same journey takes over an hour.  The amount of traffic has increased, buses seem slower, parking places decreased, traffic schemes to prevent access to the town centre (“traffic calming”) so that to arrive by 7pm I would have to leave home by 5pm and would need to leave early to get a bus to get me home by 11.30pm.  Fine if I lived in town but I don’t.  We are not averse to formal clubs as such but, where we live, one does not appear sustainable.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    it might not be the same where there are fewer gamers to make up the clubs and they do not play what interests you.

    I have nothing against clubs in principle.  Brisbane is not exactly full of wargaming clubs. AFAIK there are may be 2-3 clubs that do WH40 & the like within the city bounds. And there’s one Historical-inclined club. A few odd birds attend it: best avoided. So yes, not many choices here.

    Brisbane is 6000 sq kilometres big with a population of 2.5 million. By British standards it should have several clubs. And there are a lot of gamers here but the vast majority, like us, have small, informal groupings that play out of the often large Australian homes.



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    It’s just me and very occasionally the little man.

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