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    Received this today after several days and three e-mails from me, still I got an answer.  Well done Wofun at least they are posting to the UK.

    Good afternoon Will,

    It is our pleasure to enjoy you with our WSS miniatures.
    Thank you for supporting our products.
    We maintain the same shipping rates.
    Starting the 1st of January, we make the invoices for the UK customers without VAT. We were obliged by the UE regulations to add on invoices 19% VAT for all UE customers. The US, Canada, Australia, and UK customers pay the VAT when the currier brings the packages, according to the VAT level from each country (the UK has 20%)

    If we can support you with other information, we are happy to help.
    Kindest Regards,
    Cosmin Gligor
    Community Management.

    So orders from this particular firm will be 20% more expensive and I have a feeling that the Post Office or currier will add a fee probably at least £8.
    Not a bad deal for the British government 20% extra on all imported goods and not a jot of extra work for them.

    Guy Farrish


    Not what is supposed to be happening.

    EU hasn’t introduced its VAT changes yet (1 July) and UK VAT should now be collected by EU (or any foreign) company registering with HMRC. You should not be being asked to pay VAT and handling charge on delivery anymore for overseas packages under£135.00.

    What happens if the firm sends without the requisite VAT paid sticker? – dunno yet!



    erm,,, presumably Wofun was adding 19% VAT before as they are VAT registered – they are now deducting it and you are then paying 20% on import (assuming over £135 which most Wofun will be) – so not 20% more expensive just any customs fees plus collection fee…



    Black Hat Miniatures -


    Ah yes import duties not VAT but similar.

    Guy Farrish

    Good point – I’d forgotten most orders would be over the small package limit.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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