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    Avatar photoMike

    Anyone playing?
    Alas my PC is very old and my internet slow so I had to stop playing as my lag was annoying me.
    Having said that, it is a cracking game!

    Avatar photoBlackhat

    I’ve been playing – it is a fun game and once you realise it isn’t an arcade game there are a lot of subtle options to it.

    My PC isn’t great but running the game on minimum settings with the render turned down I can get 22-25fps which is good enough to play.

    Been playing a lot of British tanks – favourite is the AT2 which I managed a Radley-Walters medal in (8 kills)  and I’m slowly learning how to play the Cromwell….



    I got back in to WoT recently. I find I prefer the tier IV-V games. Any higher and it tends to bog down into a sniping contest.

    I love the Cromwell, that’s my tank of choice. The Churchill I is also good with a nice fast reload speed.

    Working as a squad adds a lot to the game if you can get a group friends on voice.

    Then I tried World of Warplanes… which lead to War Thunder!  (similar to WoT/WoWp, but has more depth and also combines tanks and aircraft on one battlefield)

    I’d better start a new thread for that so as not to derail this one

    Avatar photoBlackhat

    Still learning how to play the Cromwell as it’s my first Medium tank – did quite well in the Covenanter and Crusader.

    I have stopped at Tier VI as at that point you start entering Tier 8 games and I found you die really quickly if you make a mistake.  My record with the AT8 has been appalling so far…

    I looked at War Thunder but it doesn’t run that well on my PC so left it – WOT has the combination of quick game play and arcade style that gives a fun game.


    Avatar photoSir Brutus

    I play WoT, 18k games so far…

    Favourite tier range is 2-5 though I do play some tier 6 & 7 machines. Anything higher than that and the anger levels from other players is too worrying as they seem to take it so seriously.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    Yes, tend to favor tier 2-5 also.  Been loving the Matilda of late.  I’m not very good at it, but have fun all the same.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    I played for a period in the spring of 2013, but I took a job abroad and couldn’t take my gaming rig. I then returned and began training to be a teacher and never got back into it. Then my gaming rig broke and has yet to be fixed. This is a similar tale to the following games:

    Planetside 2
    Starcraft 2
    DayZ (Arma II mod)
    Diablo III

    I miss gaming. On my laptop I can just about handle the Age of Empires games and Galactic Civiliztions II. My timetable, however, cannot.

    Avatar photoLes Hammond

    If you’re running Windows 10 you can get World of Tanks Blitz which is the android version as far as I know.

    This means no mods & “cheats”, unlike the PC version (which is why I quit it), to the detriment of my miniature painting! 🙁

    6mm France 1940


    Avatar photoPatG

    I put blitz on my tablet earlier in the year. Great game, poor simulation and a touch few too many numpties depending on the time of day.

    Avatar photogreg954

    I’ve been playing blitz since 2014. Haven’t played the PC version. Just don’t have time for it all.

    Really good game, part of a great clan. But as Pat says, full of numpties. My user name on there is caeser2014. Spelled  er not ar. If anyone plays blitz look me up for a platoon.

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